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    Default Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ in 1 Day (or less)

    I'm driving to see some friends for the weekend in Phoenix (actually in Tempe, AZ, but close enough) and have all day to get there. It's gonna take me at least six hours to get there anyway... I wouldn't mind tacking on an extra hour or two if I could make the drive scenic, or check out some cool stuff along the way.

    Any suggestions?
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    Here's an easy one - go through Joshua Tree NP. Take I-10 toward Palm Springs, then CA-62 north/east toward 29 Palms. At the town of Joshua Tree, turn right on Park Blvd/Quail Springs Rd and go into the park. Turn right on Pinto Basin Rd and take that out the south entrance back to I-10. If you don't make any stops in the park it adds about 1 hour to the trip, so you have some time to get out and walk around.

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    Thank you for your response. I've actually been to Joshua Tree several times... Is that the main attraction that comes to mind?

    If you could think of anything else, I'd really appreciate it. Leaving in ~2 hours!

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