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    Dear all,

    we are a spanish couple planning our first road trip and our first visit to the US for this summer... there's loads we want to see in your gorgeous country unfortunately we cant take all the time off we would like and there are several conditions our trip must meet. We must be in Boston by august 14th for a wedding and although we wanna do east and west coast, i take it must be impossible in such a short time. We wanna fly in and out of NY and spend several days there, let us know what is best, is 5 days good or are there so many things to see in NY that we should spend more days, or is there so much to see elsewhere that 3 days are good enough???

    I was thinking that maybe 5 days in NY would be ok, than train trip to Boston for a couple of days until the wedding and two more weeks out there in the road. Maybe visit washington DC, chicago (don't even know how far it is) and would love to see the Niagara Falls or anything that is worthwhile in Canada.

    My husband Toni, is fascinated by american trucks and everything in the US trucking world, so if any of you know of a fair or a big truck stop that we can visit that woudl be amazing!!!

    We like city life but we're gonna have enough of that visiting NY, so maybe you can tell us worthwile country spots that we can visit. Good sightseeing spots, maybe a wild life park... I really have no idea what there is to see and we wanna get all we can of american life.

    If you have any inside info on hotels, that would also be great...

    Deeply indebted to those of you that can help us, I send my warmest regards from sunny Spain...

    Aida and Toni

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It sounds like your trip starts on or around August 7th. You could spend a lifetime just in New York City and not see everything.

    Your husband would love to visit Iowa 80, which is roughly 3 hours West of Chicago.

    You could do a loop from NYC to Boston, then to Niagara Falls, Chicago, Iowa 80 as a side trip, Washington DC, then back to NYC. The entire trip is about 2700 miles, which would be about 250 miles the first week and roughly 2500 miles over the next two weeks.

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    Dear Tim,

    thanks for the info, great about the Iowa 80 site, had no idea where to look for that... sounds like a good trip... I'll try to get more info on that route, can you let me know where to find it best?? Maps, hotels, worthwhile sights...

    It's quite a few miles but i think it'll be a pleasant trip, do you think we need to reserve hotels from here or can we find easy access and availability once we are there, also i don't think we need a car until we leave NY, what do you think? where can we rent it best??

    I've been adviced to drive down to Florida and spend several days out in the keys, do you think that is an option? I guess we'd have to sacrifice other trips... let me know your opinion...

    Thanks again, best regards!!!

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