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  1. Default Monument Valley to New Orleans

    Is it possible to drive from ?Flagstaff, a couple of days in Monument Valley, down to route 66 calling at the Alamo, Huston in Texas and then to New Orleans for a couple of days - all within a 3 week timescale

    Carole UK

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The basic trip you've laid out should be quite possible over 3 weeks. You could probably do all of the driving on this one way trip in 4-5 days, so you really should have plenty of time to do quite a lot of sightseeing. The only think I would note is that Route 66 really doesn't exist anymore (it was decommissioned 25 years ago) so that might be a bigger challenge than you are expecting. I'd also expect it to be far cheaper to start your trip in Phoenix or Las Vegas than Flagstaff.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA fourms !

    You could drive the route you describe in 4 days so you certainly have some time to do some exploring along the way. Grand canyon would be an obvious choice, from MV you could go to Canyon De Chelley and/or go to the Four corners region and Mesa Verde, heading down towards San Antonio you could take a side trip to Carlsbad caverns and even White sands NM wouldn't be out of the question.

    I would get a good map of the US and search the RTA pages and see what appeals to you [there are so many more options] and then get back to us with any new questions you might have.

    Enjoy the planning.
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