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  1. Default Detroit to Panama City, FL - May 2010

    Hey all, I'm just posting hoping to find some ideas.
    My military boyfriend is finishing up his tour in Korea, and when he's done, we will be driving down from Detroit to Panama City, FL where his next base is. We have the time to just take in the scenery and stuff, and were hoping to drive down sans interstates etc. and just try to stay on smaller highways and see some of the countryside.

    Any suggested routes? He has spent time driving through Ohio and such, so we will probably just drive straight through Ohio and then change our pace once we're almost out of that state. I don't think we plan to stop at much sightseeing, aside from spending the night in Nashville, aside from stopping in towns for meals/rests (suggestions?). We just want a pleasant lookin' drive, ya know?

    Any suggestions will be more then welcome, thanks!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    How many days can you take? If you are going to spend a night in Nashville, you may want to make it 2 nights (or at least one night and most of the next day) if you are country music fans. We did this about 15 years ago. We got in around 4pm and stayed at the Best Western next door to the Country Music Hall of Fame. We went downtown and had dinner at Jack's Barbecue on Broadway. After dinner, we walked around downtown, there looks like a lot of nightlife down there, including a Hard Rock Cafe. The next morning, we walked around the area for a bit, then went to the Hall of Fame, and took the bus tour around Music Row. In the afternoon we went over to the Opryland complex and wandered around the HUGE hotel and had a late lunch. We could have spent another night, but we needed to get to Huntsville that night.

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    Default The 'Secret' About Interstates

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The beauty of the Interstate System (besides the efficiency and safety designed into them) is that they were almost all built to run parallel to existing US highways. In some, but not many, cases, they use the same right of way, but most of the time the old road system is still out there. Now those roads just don't carry anywhere near as much traffic and can be quite pleasant. So as a first step just look of the US highway running next to the Interstate that your favorite mapping routine or GPS sends you down. Better yet, look at a good map for roads marked as scenic - generally by a dotted green line. Some specifics in your case: IN-156 down the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Madison; US-31E from south of Louisville to Glasgow, KY - with a side trip to Mammoth Cave; US-231 from Murfreesboro to Huntsville; US-431 from Huntsville to Hollis Crossroads and AL-9 from there to Montgomery; US-231 the rest of the way to Panama City. As you might have been able to guess I-65 was built largely to follow the alignment of US-31.


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