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    Default Western US Roadtrip

    So me and a buddy are planning out a trip this summer from Vancouver down to San Francisco. Then we want to drive to Phoenix, AZ, and then up to Vegas on the way back. I planned it out on mapquest and it said a total of 56 hours and a total of 3263 miles. We are both 19 so we wont spend too much time in vegas on the way back, more just for the sake of going. How long should we plan for? i was thinking along the lines of 3 weeks or so. is this enough time?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    3 weeks sounds like plenty of time. So you know how much time you will REALLY be spending on the road, add 20% to the Mapquest times. That makes the 56 hours more like 67 hours, which is only about 8 real days of driving.

    Something to keep in mind - not all hotels allow people under 21 to rent a room, and the drinking age in the whole country is 21. Some casinos allow 18 year olds in, but not in Las Vegas. The ones that do are generally Indian-operated within the boundaries of reservations.

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    Default Relaxed enough.

    Hello and welcome to the forums !

    Three weeks sounds great. It would make it a nice relaxed trip and give you some time to explore things in between the places you have mentioned. Is the purpose of your trip to spend time in Phoenix or is it a "turn around" point ? Have you thought about places on route and what are your interests ?

    Things like the Redwoods in Northern California, the PCH around Big Sur, the Grand canyon and possibly some of the wonderful scenery and parks in Southern Utah, are just a few things that stand out to me, but if you need any further help with your planning, just ask.

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    The main point around this trip is basically just to get out of Victoria and just drive. We have always talked about driving down to california so we figured that we should do it. Phoenix was just another one of those places i've always wanted to go as well. We arent too concerned about accomedations and at worst we'll sleep in the car. We werent planning to gamble or drink but mainly soak up the sun, the road and the sights. Thanks for all the help

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    Default Camping ?

    Cool, nothing wrong with just hitting the road and seeing where it takes you !

    Have you considered buying some basic camping gear to use when you want [or need] to ? It's real tough to get a good nights kip in the car and that can have a knock on effect leaving you feeling weary through the following day.

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