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  1. Default Where to go this weekend? Leaving Chicago, destination unknown

    Help! My boyfriend and I want to pick up from Chicago and take a 3 day weekend away somewhere. We were hoping to snowboard in the UP but the weather has been so warm in the midwest this month I can only find a few places that are open still and many of the trails are closed, so I don't know if it would be worth it.

    We don't have a plan B. He suggested throwing a dart at a map but I'd like to have it slightly more planned so I know we're going to find something fun for sure. I'm looking for suggestions ASAP. Here's what I'm thinking:

    We'd like to drive ~8 hrs or less each way from Chicago since it's only a 3 day trip.

    Having something fun to stop at on the way would be great- we'd love to see multiple things.

    We're open for pretty much anything but love historic and natural sites. I was thinking possibly eagle watching, hiking, caves, Amish country, Springfield IL (Lincoln museum), southern IL. Since it's the end of March I'm not sure what there is to do for outdoor activities.

    I'd also love restaurant and night life recommendations! We've never done this before so I'm very excited.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default a loop south

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I bet you could make a nice loop heading south.

    You could go south to Springfield, catch the Lincoln Museum and grab a Cozy Dog.

    Then continue south into Kentucky and visit Land Between the Lakes - the Elk/Bison Preserve was a favorite of mine.

    You could round out your loop by visiting Mammoth Cave, and then head back through Louisville on your way home.

  3. Default Thanks Michael!

    Those are great suggestions! I was already thinking about the Lincoln Museum and Mammoth Caves since I lived in Cincinnati as a kid. I'd never heard of Land Between the Lakes and it looks wonderful. I think we will also stop at Cozy Dog, although I'm vegetarian my boyfriend loves Drive In type stops. : ) Round trip it will be about 19hrs and 1100 miles. Very close to what we were looking for.
    Thanks again! I'll definitely be back and have already started to tell people about RTA.

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