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    Hi there I am planning on driving this summer from west palm beach florida to albany ny. I am the solo mom traveling with 3 children 13, 4, and 3. I am nervous about making this drive alone and would appreciate any advice as far as great stops and places for the kids. I am very concerned about safety and clean hotels. I was thinking if I booked hotels online before I began this journey and had exact destinations figured out it would be easier on me. I think I can only handle about 7 to 8 hours driving a day. I was thinking maybe our first stop could be charleston sc and do a beach day before getting back onto I 95. any other advice on our next stops or routes or ideas for the kids would be greatly appreciated.

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    Charleston is going to be pushing it in 1 day, it's over 500 miles and you are looking at about 10 hours on the road with minimal fuel, food, and potty stops. Brunswick or Savannah would probably be more reasonable for you with the 7 to 8 hour thing. There are numerous hotels in both cities at the Interstate exits, I'd probably just wing it, drive till you feel you should stop, then find a hotel. You will find familiar names.

    From there, if I were doing this drive, I'd avoid the I-95 corridor up north, it's very congested. I'd get off I-95 at the Charleston/Columbia exit and take it west to Columbia, then I-77 north to I-81. I'd take I-81 north to Binghamton NY then I-88 to Albany. Doing that in 3 days, your overnight stops would be Statesville NC and Hagerstown MD, both of which have a good selection of hotels. This route is considerably more scenic than I-95, and definitely less congested. It does add about 100 miles to the straight shot up I-95 and I-87, but in my opinion, it's well worth it.

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    Generally speaking going with the brand named hotels along the interstate is a safe bet. Super 8, Days Inn, etc. When you figure out which route you will take (I-81 or I-95) you can take a look at or any other site similar and look at the reviews by people who have stayed there and than judge yourself whether or not you would like to stay at a particular hotel.

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