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    I am studying Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. I am planning to embark on a roadtrip this May or June with my dogs. I am in the process of buying a VW bus and have plans to convert it to a hydrogen assisted vehicle, with a rain harvesting mechanism on the roof. I am hoping to start a video blog to document the adventure. The focus will not only be to capture the beautiful countryside, but to feature companies and individuals that are taking steps to improve and keep the environment healthy. Does anyone have nominations for people or companies I should visit?

    Also, I am looking to turn this into a charity trip to raise money to donate to a nonprofit environmental group like Sierra Club. It was only a couple days ago I decided I wanted to do this, and already have a donor for a new set of tires for the bus. I am in the process of writing grants and what not. Does anyone have donor ideas or know creative ways to raise money?
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