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    I'm planning on trip starting around April 10th from Cleveland to Denali, Alaska. I wanted to take the ferry in Bellingham, but there weren't any available spots left for cars. I'd be going through British Columbia and the Yukon. I was hoping for some advice about the trip. I really don't know much about the area (weather during that time, road conditions, etc.). Also, I'd be driving a Civic by myself so I'm not even sure if its the best idea to go through the region in a small vehicle. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

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    In early April, you can expect below freezing temperatures at night and milder daytimes. Fortunately, that is also the dry season, and while snow can be in the forecast, the roads should generally be open and clear. By heading directly for Dawson Creek, the traditional start of the Alaska Highway, by way of Minneapolis, Fargo, Regina, Saskatoon, and Edmonton, your total mileage will be around 4,000. That's certainly doable over 8-10 days in a well maintained and prepared car. These are no longer back woods logging roads. In fact the gas mileage and range of your Civic should be a plus. For starters you should order the current issue of Milepost. While waiting for its arrival, use the search box at the top right of this page to find similar discussions.


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