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  1. Default National Park Summer Trip

    If you had 3 weeks (including driving from Houston), which of the following would you pick for a summer trip:

    1. Colorado & Yellowstone
    2. Yellowstone & Banff area
    3. Colorado only
    4. Bryce Canyon & Zion & Sequoia & Yosemite

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    Default chicken or fish

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but these are just the kinds of questions that we can't answer. There is no one sized fits all roadtrip, and there is no "best" destination. What I, or anyone else on this forum, might like could very well be completely different from your own tastes.

    If you have some questions about each of these areas and how they might compare or fit with your own goals for a trip, we can certainly try to help. But asking which one of those is best really is like asking which tastes better, a juicy fillet of kobe beef, or a perfectly seared piece of sushi grade tuna.

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    Thanks for clarifying that. I realize that I had left the question too open ended. So, let me try to narrow it down some. The trip will be for a family of 4, including two kids under 10 years of age. The kids' appetite for long distance driving far outstrips their appetite for extreme hiking. We like camping, but not for weeks at a time (mostly due to the kids). The ideal trip would include a good combination of scenery, interesting towns/sights, outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping), weather and limited crowds.

    I suspect Zion might be too hot, Bryce would probably be ok given the altitude. I expect most parks to be crowded, though I would expect Banff and Yellowstone to be a bit easier given their large area. I also suspect a 3 week trip to Colorado by itself (based out of Breckenridge area) might be more limited in activities compared to the other options. The trip to Banff would be the longest by far, and while the driving itself is not an issue, it might limit the time we get to spend there.

    Hope that helps. Thanks.

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    Default Not really !!

    We all face exactly the same dilemma every time we want to hit the road and see new places over yonder, where to go ? You have obviously been giving it some thought but the answer remains the same, ultimately only you can decide as each and every option will offer what you are looking for and much more besides. All options are going to be busy in the summer months but once you are out of the car you won't have to wander far to find a quiet corner.

    As you asked and I want to see exactly the same things, what I can tell you is when I was looking at those options I chose No 4 first of all starting from San Fran and included Grand canyon, and my next big choice was Colorado but with 3 weeks you certainly wouldn't be limited even by staying in the State, but you could still see the contrasting scenery of Southern Utah and beyond. Next up is most likely the Yellowstone option so if you take that option I will be looking to you for tips ! ;-)

    Look around the forums and use the search function and you will find thousands of threads on the different subjects and once you have made an informed decision we can be of more use , good luck!

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