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    Default Road Trip Guys - Trip 2

    The weather is warmer and it's time to get excited about our next road trip. We are heading from Allentown to Denver, up through Wyoming into Montana east through Broadus then back east past Mount Rushmore, rural Nebraska, and route 80 back. So I had some questions on a few of our stops.

    My main questions involve Topeka, KS, Casper, WY, and Sioux City, IA. What would you guys suggests for an evening in these areas? I figure there is some good culture in these parts to take in. Thanks

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    Default Depending on Your Interests....

    Topeka: Topeka Zoological Park; Combat Air Museum; Brown vs. Board of Education NHS

    Casper: Tate Geological Museum; Fort Casper Museum; Casper Planetarium

    Sioux City: Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center; Chief War Eagle Monument; Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

    Which is why "boring" and "nothing to see or do" type comments get short shrift around here.


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    Thanks, Buck. This gives me a good place to start. I'll check to see if these things are open in the evening when we settle in the cities for the night.

    I didn't think these cities were going to be boring I just had no idea where to start. Now I have that start. Thanks again.

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