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  1. Default alien road trip via tacoma-reno-las vegas-roswell

    im planning to drive from tacoma wa to reno stay for 1 day,then drive extratrestrial hwy to vegas for 2 days,then drive from vegas to roswell, was just wondering any good places to eat or fun or interesting places to visit along way. its me and wife and 3 kids(ages 8,13 16) plan on visiting arches np in utah on way back any suggestions welcome thanks,O yea leaving next weekend. :P

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    The best advice I can give you is to back off your plans. You are trying to do way too much, driving way too far in a day for a family trip.

    Tacoma to Reno on the shortest route is 720 miles, that's a solid 13 hours on the road. Reno to Vegas via the ET is going to be a similarly long day. Vegas to Roswell is nearly 800 miles, and going to be about 14 hours on the road.

    Those distances are far more than we recommend under any circumstances, as they really start to be more than you can safely do (they are in fact more than what professional drivers are allowed to do). But when you're talking about a family trip, you're just asking to have a trip where your family just can't have any fun and will probably want to kill each other by the time you get to day 2. There's just no time at all to fit in anything fun when you are trying to cover that many miles in a day.

    Even on long days on the road, we really recommend keeping the miles to a maximum of about 600 for a very full day of driving, and about 500 miles if you want to have an enjoyable day where you can have a few fun stops along the way.

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    I failed to mention wife is sharing driving responsibilities (she and I have done trips before) 4hrs max then switch,was just wondering any good stops along the way, time is not of essence

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    Even with 2 drivers, these kinds of distances really push the limits of safety, and as I said, when traveling with kids its going to make for a miserable time. If time is not of essence, then why are you trying to push yourselves to your physical limits?

    And more to the point, traveling distances of 700-800 miles each day means you won't have any time at all to make "any good stops along the way" thus its kind of a waste of our time and yours to even bother coming up with ideas for possible stops.

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    thanks for the advice,Im thinking then split the first leg of trip up stopping im klamoth falls,then the last part stopping either grand canyon or flagstaff az before heading into roswell.

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