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    we are planning a 3 weeks road trip in Aug 2011 to east USA. The route is more or less fixed. But there is one thing we do not know how to plan. We have about 6 days travel time to go from Washington DC to Atlanta GA (city visits not included, therefore we planed extra time).

    Which route is the best to take? We like to see alot of landscape and nice spots. Not "too" big cities in between. I thought about going to Shenandoah River / Blue Ridge Monuntains / Knoxville -> Atlanta.

    Is there a route to recommend? some nice byways etc.?


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    Default the moving target keeps moving

    I'm sorry, its hard to provide good advice when the details of your trip keep changing.

    You previously created a thread about spending 3 weeks on the west coast, and even in that thread, my last comment was that it seemed like we were trying to hit a moving target while providing advice.

    Now you're talking about spending a week on the east coast as part of a 3 week trip.

    So what is it that your latest plans include? Are you doing both the east and west coast now? Skipping the west altogether? Doing 3 weeks out west then 3 weeks in the east?

    I will start by providing this bit of advice, If you want to get meaningful help on a forum such as this, give people the whole story, and engage in a dialog. If you've decided to change your plans, tell us why, you've made them so we get a better idea of what you are hoping to accomplish and give you ideas that will help you meet those goals.

    There really are only a handful of regulars who provide answers and ideas to hundreds of new visitors each month. As of right now, it just seems like by the time anyone gives you advice, your trip plans will have changed again and without any real reason, and it hard to be motivated to keep giving you advice when that is the case.

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