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  1. Default Setting up a route for 3 week holiday to South west

    I am looking to plan a three week trip to Southwest starting and finishing in Las Vegas.

    Looking to hire a full size SUV for 2 adults and 3 kids (aged 16, 12 and 9)

    Current thoughts are detailed below : flying in from the UK

    LAS Vegas - 5 days
    Phoenix - 2 days
    Tuscon - 3 days
    Sante Fe - 3 days
    Telluride - 2 days
    Moab - 3 days
    Lake powell - 1 day
    Ceadar City - 1 day
    Las vegas - 1 day

    1. How does this sound ?

    2. Is Tuscon to Sante Fe achievable in a day or should I stop enroute ? any suggestions?

    3. What about traveling from Moab back to Las vegas would you suggest I stop in other places rather then the ones I have suggested?

    4. I always like to have good detailed road maps - any suggestions for maps for the areas I hope to explore?

    Many Thanks in advance


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    Welcome to RTA!

    1. See below.
    2. It's quite doable in a day, it's about 500 miles.
    3. Possibly - see below.
    4. If you are a member of the motor club in your home country, you can get free individual state maps from AAA.

    5 days in Las Vegas is going to be a bit rough on the kids - there really isn't that much to do for them there. The city is so oriented toward gambling (and alcohol) that there won't be very many places they will be allowed. It's really more of an adult playground, a couple days should be enough in my opinion, unless you are planning on taking some day trips to places like Death Valley, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. With this in mind, I think you can take some time and reallocate it to see the awesome sights in southern Utah.

    I would go to the Grand Canyon in between LV and Phoenix. Between Moab and LV, you can certainly go to Lake Powell, but I'd suggest you also consider Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Zion. I assume you will be visiting Arches and Canyonlands when you are in Moab?

    In my opinion, Utah Highway 12 between Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon is a drive not to be missed.

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    Default Suggestions.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a nice amount of time allocated for the area you want to cover but where you want to spend your time is something you have to work out but I do agree with glc regarding Vegas although there are some great day trips from Vegas.

    I would also give the thumbs up for scenic highway 12 and would suggest overnighting at[or near to ]Bryce and also consider a second stop at Springdale, a nice town on the door step of Zion NP which is just as magnificent as Bryce in a different way.

    There are some great suggestions from Howard in the Albuquerque /Santa Fe area here as well as here.

    Three days in Moab will give you time to visit Arches, Canyonlands ["Islands in the sky" section is nice] and possibly "Dead horse point" and is a nice amount of time to do so.

    Unless you have particular reason to spend 5 day's in Phoenix and Tuscon I too would recommend at least a night and 1 full day at the Grand canyon to witness a sunset at this marvel of the world.

    Telluride is a great mountain town but I would recommend spending 1 night in Silverton or Ouray on route [both wonderful] and have time to enjoy these towns and the scenery on the "Million dollar highway". From Telluride to Moab I would first continue South on the "San Juan skyway" through Rico and Dolores and head on 491 to Monticello, it's wonderful ! Another suggestion if you found another night from elsewhere would be Mesa Verde NP with it's ancient dwellings near to Cortez.

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