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  1. Default road trip from Prince Edward Island Ontario to NYC

    my husband and I are on a long service leave from Australia in July/August and staying with friends in Canada, finishing in Prince Edward Island. We hope to rent a car to drive to NYC over three days in July, leaving Sunday 18 July arrive NYC Weds afternoon 21 July. Debating route, dont want to go via big highways... possibly via the Adirondacks or even the finger lakes? Looking for advice and good places to stay. We want a scenic route with interesting things to see along the way.
    many thanks in advance

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    I'm sorry to tell you your trip plans may not be possible. Generally speaking, you can't rent a car in Canada and drop it off in the US, so you will most likely have to find some other way to get from PEI across the US border. I would figure out this aspect of your trip before anything else or you could end up spending a lot of time planning for something that might not work out.

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