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  1. Default Vegas to Vegas Via South Rim and Bryce Canyon

    Not sure if this is possible in 2.5 days but does anyone have advice on driving to the Skywalk and onto the GC National Park in one full day? Also, looking at driving to Bryce Canyon with a detour of Upper Antelope Canyon on Day 2 then back to Vegas on Day 3. Possible or stupid?

    Any ideas welcome.


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    Default the latter

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, I think you're trying to do way too much. I mean, you might be able to cover the miles, but you just wouldn't have any time left over to do anything else.

    I'd certainly skip the skywalk. Its already a 5-6 hour drive from LV to the South Rim, and its hard to appreciate the GC in just a half day as it is. The skywalk is going to easily add 3 more hours, if not more, to your drive.

    South Rim to Bryce is a solid 7 hours, so that's really not going to leave you much time at all at Bryce, and if you try to add it another detour here, you're again looking at all day on the road, with no time left to enjoy Bryce.

    In fact, on this already rushed schedule, I'd probably look at visiting Zion instead of Bryce, just to save a couple hours of driving. This way you could spend the afternoon of day one at GC south rim. Spend day 2 taking a little time to enjoy the east rim drive on your way out of the National Park, get to Zion with a little time to explore late in the afternoon, and have a little time left over the following morning, before making the 3 hour drive back to Vegas.

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    Default Agreed.

    I agree with Michael, forget about "Skywalk" and make the most of your time in the National park area with your limited time. An early start from Vegas could see you there by lunchtime and give you time to visit the rim near to the village area and Hermits rest before witnessing a sunset. Next day drive along Desert view drive [64] to East entrance and enjoy the views along the way. Next stop is up to you as both Bryce and Zion are fantastic but given your time restrictions Zion will cut down on your drive times.

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    Thanks to both Michael and Dave on your suggestions..I thought this would be like the 24Lemans race and do more driving than sightseeing. Thanks for the confirmation. The Skywalk is marketed well and my fiancee is keen on it but from what I have read on the location, the road and the indian prices, I am leaning against it. I think more time in the South Rim is better.

    Also, Zion seems to be more popular as well. I will update you on our itineary and make a travelog for this site as well once we do it. Thanks again for the comments.

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    Default You're welcome.

    A lot of the feed back from the Skywalk hasn't been great and in the NP area is where you will witness the best of the Grand canyon views that you have most likely seen in many pictures and is amazing.

    As said previously, Zion will give you more time out of the car and give a little time to "feel" and experience the place and possibly enjoy a stroll along the "Riverside walk" in the canyon.

    Look forward to seeing how your trip turns out.

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