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  1. Default Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon in November

    Hi there!
    I've just come across this site and would like to say it's fab! I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas at the end of November from Scotland and wanted to take a few days to drive up to Bryce Canyon (and back to Las Vegas) on one of the weekends we're there (probably first weekend in December). I wonder if someone could give me some advice on:
    - what the roads might be like snow-wise at that time of year? - will we be ok to see the major sights such as the Grand Staircase? We haven't decided on the route yet as we're just starting to look into it so apologies I can't be more specific.
    -is it worthwhile scenery (and spooky)-wise driving out to Rachel?

    Any recommendations re cheap but nice (and quirky if possible:-) ) accommodation near Bryce Canyon would also be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance for your help:-)

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    Default Cold and Not Much

    Ceud mle filte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Average temperatures in that region at that time of year run around 47F (8C) for a high and 22F (-6C)for a low while getting less than an inch of 'rain' a month. The record low is around -10F (-23C), and remember that the area is at a elevation of some 8,000 feet (2,500 m) and that an inch of rain translates to a few inches of snow. And of course, a serious blizzard is always possible.

    There is essentially nothing to see on the drive to Rachel (I've done it) except a sign, a mailbox, and a tacky roadside restaurant/convenience store/motel.

    Sorry, I can't help you with accommodations at Bryce but it's still on my 'to see' list.


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    Default Options.

    Take some warm layered clothing with you, as Buck said it can get extremely cold, even by Scottish standards !!

    For cheaper lodgings you will probably have to look at Tropic some 11 miles away but you can weigh up some options here, Ruby's Inn is nice and in a great location at the head of the canyon but doesn't fall into the "cheap" bracket by US standards but even with the poor exchange rate isn't exactly a fortune by UK standards !

    As you have a "few days" I would certainly recommend spending 1 or 2 in Zion NP which is on route to Bryce, has some great walks and scenery and nice lodging options in the town of Springdale.

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    There's some "cheap" motels in Panguitch. I've stayed at the "New Western" which is an old Best Western. In February, the room cost me $45. It's an old-style roadside motel, the rooms all have outside doors. It's maintained fairly well and they have free wifi in the newer building across the street from the office. There is essentially nothing to do in Panguitch, the closest "food" to the motel is a Subway down the street in a gas station.

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