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    We are planning a road trip on Hwy 1 from San Deigo to San Francisco in May 2010, and when researching it, we found a post from someone who did that trip and said the traffic was bumper to bumper the whole way. That is really off-putting as this is once in a lifetime thing for us and want to do it at the best time. What suggestions do you have? We would really appreciate your advise. Thanks!

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    Default I've never seen it bumper to bumper

    It does get crowded on holiday weekends and in the peak of summer -- but by far the best time to travel is October and November. In the summer months, the coast is fog shrouded most of the day. Depending upon the season, it can be very foggy in May as well.


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    I took that trip in May a few years ago (during the week), and it wasn't bad from Santa Monica north. It's going to be rough from San Clemente to Santa Monica at any time of the year because of the high population density. Other than some rain and fog between San Simeon and Carmel, the weather was very pleasant.

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    a lot depends on if a slow moving rv blocks everyone and refuses to pull over.

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