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    Default New York - Niagara - East Lansing - Pittsburgh - Washington - New York

    I'm planning the following route for begening of May:

    Day 1: New York - Niagara Falls
    Day 2: Visit at Niagara Falls, then going towards East Lansing (via Cleveland and Toledo). We'll sleep in a hotel or motel on the road.
    Day 3: Arriving in East Lansing, and stay ther for 8 days
    Day 12: East Lansing - Pittsburgh
    Day 13: Pittsburgh - Washington DC
    Day 14: Washington - New York

    Please tell me if it is achievable, and tell me about MUST SEE places on the road and maybe some cheap places to sleep.

    I'm from Romania and I'll be with my family. We don't have time for museums, only sightseeings.
    Maybe something on Erie lake, because i like boats.

    Any other advice will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    You could potentially save a couple of hours drive time from Niagara Falls to East Lansing if you head through Canada instead of sticking with the I-90 route. I'm not sure if you want to pop into Canada due to any potential passport/visa issues, but it is an option.

    On your New York City to Niagara Falls route, there are several potential places to take in the scenery along the Finger Lakes. Would you be able to add any time in on this stretch?

    I think your last two days are stretching it a bit. You're looking at a roughly 7 hour drive from East Lansing to Pittsburgh, 6 hours from there to Washington, DC, and 6 hours from there to New York City. I would drop the Washington, DC section from this trip, unless you can add an extra day into the trip.

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    Thank you for your answer!

    We cannot pop into Canada because we don`t have visa. As for the rest of the journey, I can add time, the idea is to see something, not only driving. Please give me short advices, also about nice places on this way.

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    Any sugestion for route between NY and Niagara? We have just a little time and we'll be on the road!

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    Exactly where in New York City will you be leaving from, and I assume this must be done in one day?

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