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    Default Spring road trip hopes, come ride with me

    I am planning a ride from the Northwest down the coast to the southern border then east to Texas and up to chase some tornadoes in Oklahoma. I'm planning a start in late April to early May. Sooo, I will be ridding from San Diego to Phoenix about day 6 through 9. 94 looks great east through the mountains from the coast. I see on Google maps a green strip that runs basically from Yuma to Phoenix. it just looks like the way to stay off 8. Well I will be looking for people to ride with along the way. My trip home will be Santa Fe, four corners, Hy 50 across Nevada to Reno then back through central Oregon home. Start and end dates are open. The goals are to meet people and ride the road. Here's to a great ride!
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    I think the "green strip" you see is the railroad, not a highway. There really isn't any way to get from Yuma to Phoenix without taking the Interstate. I-8 was built along the alignment of US-80, and most of the old road is gone.

    Yes, you can get from San Diego to Yuma with a minimum of Interstate travel - between CA-94, Old 80, and CA-98. Be aware of your surroundings, you will be traveling very close to the Mexican border.

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