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    I've been enthralled by Route 66 for about a year now. This upcoming summer I am looking to drive along Route 66 with a few friends. I am 17, going into college next year so this will probably be the last time I can spend time with these friends, so we want to do something meaningful. And well, traveling Route 66 seemed to be the best basically I was wondering if anyone has done something like this before and if you did this after high school...

    Any advice on convincing the parents?


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    It amazes me that still, 25 years after the road was decommissioned (i.e. ceased to exist), people still have the dream of traveling Route 66. But the simple fact is that the old Mother Road only exists as bits and pieces here and there, as local streets, frontage roads, etc. and none of it marked as US-66 (although to promote tourism, it often is locally signed as "Historic US 66".). The lack of consistent signage makes it incredibly difficult to follow without detailed, road specific directions which would detract from the feeling of freedom that most are seeking when the envision this great historic drive. So rather than the current plan, I'd sit down with your friends and decide what you want from the trip and some major sights that you'd like to see, then build your trip around your dreams rather than a long gone slab of concrete.


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    I don't want to discourage you, but there's not a hotel/motel in the country that will rent a room to anyone under 18, and most of them will require a credit card or debit card in the name of the person renting the room. There are also other considerations that really don't make extended unaccompanied roadtripping feasible if you are under 18.

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    We get the "how can I convince my parents" question quite often, and the simple answer is there is nothing we can tell you that will make much of a difference. You've spent the last 17 years showing them how responsible and capable you are of a roadtrip, and that's far and away the biggest element.

    Having said that, taking a more baby step approach, where you start by showing you are capable of handling a small roadtrip - over say a weekend within a few hours of home - is going to be much easier than trying to jump into the deep end with a major cross country trip. Doing a smaller trip will also give you some much needed experience with knowing what you like/don't like, and need/don't need on the road.

    I'd also tell you that just because you are going to college, its hardly your last chance to do a roadtrip or spend time with your friends. I'm still taking roadtrips with my high school friends, almost 15 years later. And even if you don't keep doing a trips with these particular friends, there will always be new/other friends with whom you can explore.

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