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    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip for 24 days between 24 April and 18 May. Our plan looks like this:

    1. Flying to San Francisco, 1 night
    2. San Francisco - South Lake Tahoe, 1 night
    3. South Lake Tahoe - Lone Pine (we stop at Bodie, Mono Lake), 1 night
    4. Lone Pine - Las Vegas (through Death Valley) 2 nights
    5. Las Vegas – Zion Park, 1 night
    6. Zion – Page, 1 night
    7. Page (Antelope Canyon) – Kayenta, 1 night
    8. Kayenta – Chinle (Through Monument Valley), 1 night
    9. Chinle (Canyon De Chelly) – Show Low, 1 night
    10. Show Low – Tucson, 1 night
    11. Tucson (Saguaro National Park)– Phoenix, 2 nights
    12. Phoenix – Cameron, 1 night
    13. Cameron – Williams (Through Grand Canyon ), 1 night
    14. Williams – Twentinine palms, 1 night
    15. Twentinine palms (Joshua National Park) – San Diego, 2 nights
    16. San Diego –Los Angeles, 2 nights
    17. LA - Sequoia park, 1 night in Fresno
    18. Fresno – Yosemite - San Francisco, 3 nights

    Do you guys have any suggestions or comments about this trip? Do we need to pay attention on anything on that route?

    Thanks a lot! Nice greetings from Slovenia!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've come up with an excellent plan, and it looks like you've done your homework, skipping Tioga pass which will be closed at this point.

    The only thing i would note is that your plan is pretty busy, and you're moving almost every day - which can get old after a couple weeks. The last 2 legs are most problematic, as going from LA through Sequoia in the same day will be a pretty long day, and trying to see Yosemite and make the drive from Fresno to San Francisco in the same day will probably leave you feeling very shortchanged at Yosemite. If there is one thing I would change on your trip, I would plan to stay just outside Yosemite, and finish the drive to SFO the next day.

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    Thank you for your suggestion about staying another day around Yosemite. We will consider if we stay for one day there. We can adjust some things during the trip, because we will not reserve motels in advance, just the first and the last three days. So during the road trip we can be spontaneous in some ways.

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