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  1. Default 4 day roadtrip rushed-planning. Need help! :)

    Girlfriend and i are looking to get away for four days (wednesday-saturday) and are interested in traveling either towards the south or west towards chicago from new york city. We have very few needs in terms of this trip and are just looking for something new exciting and adventurous. we are 19 and this is our spring break. it is very last minute but have lots of faith in this site to help us out. :)

    we are open to ANY suggestions!

    Thanks so much!


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    Well, you were given several good ideas when you asked this basic question last year, did you ever take that trip and if so, what things did you enjoy?

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    Default Just Road

    If you are planning to just drive and see only the road here is my 4 day trip from Allentown, PA that you can use. It's a little long but you could tweak it to what you wish. It goes south and west.

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