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    Default Los Angeles, CA to Ottawa, ON

    Leaving L.A. May 1, Returning late June.

    Interested? Drop me a line!

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    Default los angeles, ca to ottawa, on

    Looking for recommendations as to a route.

    have previously taken I-40 to nashville so am considering trying I-70.

    I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this as well as when I might begin heading northeast? (st. louis, indianpolis?)

    Is it better to drive the 401 from Windsor to Ottawa or continue in the States and cross the border in upstate New York at the 416?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've merged your threads, as we like to keep all posts about the same trip together, plus the more others know about the trip, the more likely someone will want to go with you.

    The shortest route would be to go through Denver, up I-76 to I-80 through Chicago, then I-94, crossing either at Detroit/Windsor or at Sarnia.

    However, the difference between that route and continuing to Upstate New York, or to stay on I-70 through St. Louis or Indy is very small. You're talking about a difference of 100 miles on a 2900 mile trip - which is only 20 minutes a day for the 5 days you should be planning for this trip. Pick the route that sounds most interesting to you.

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