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    Hello! I'm new here.

    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip for late August 2010, throughout some of the New England states. We're looking for ideas of things to do, places to eat, places to stay, etc. Basically, we plan to spend about a week going from PA/NJ up through Maine and back. We're not particularly well off (as students rarely are) but are saving our pennies and doing what we can. Please feel free to give us recommendations/advice or just say hello!
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    Default Things To Do In New England

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A while back I gathered up some of the best New England recommendations that had been made by a number of our regular contributors who were familiar with that area. That's probably the best place to start for general planning purposes. Once you have a better idea of your route, come on back and let us know what your particular interests are and perhaps we can provide a few more ideas that are specifically to your tastes.


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    I did this exact same thing with my girlfriend last August. We went from the poconos area up to Burlington, Vermont. We were there before so we only spent one night there. Following that we went to Portland, Maine. We went on the lighthouse tour and walked around the downtown area for a bit and got a round of golf in. To get there we went from Burlington to Montpelier for breakfast/lunch and then across. We got off the interstates in Montepelier and headed through the mountains to the Kancamagus Highway which is a MUST see. There are countless trails on the mountain road. We took 302 into Portland. We spent two nights there and then went for two nights to Manchester, New Hampshire. We didn't get to see much outside because of the rain those two days. It was a great 5 day trip to places that weren't so crowded (such as Boston or Providence)

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    Thanks for the info! BF and I are working on a preliminary itinerary and should have something postable by the weekend. We're scouring maps and getting ridiculously excited. We also keep a travel blog on livejournal -- same username as the one I'm posting under. My apologies for no hyperlink. More about us: We love food and hope to do a lot of creative and regional eating on our trip, so if anyone can point us to some favorite spots of theirs and some menu suggestions that'd be really great!

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    If you are foodies, you are heading into what I think is the seafood capital of the world. I cannot remember the name of this particular place, but I had a delicious lobster roll in Portsmouth NH. It was just a little rickety shack, essentially a hot dog stand, in a parking lot at a marina, walk up to the window to order and get your food, and sit at a picnic table in the lot to eat it. There are places like that all up and down the NH/ME coast. If you want a really good lobster dinner, I can recommend Cook's Lobster House on Bailey Island ME. They are pricey, but the food is worth it.

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