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  1. Default April road trip - ma to tx and back!


    This is my first post on the forum and I am looking for some seasoned advice on my road trip from MA to TX this April. I will be traveling with my wife and our 12 year old daughter.

    I have downloaded directions from MANY different travel sites and they all tell me to take a different route down and back. Is there any one authority on trip routing and will they keep me up on the latest construction and road conditions?

    I will have my GARMIN on board as well.

    Thank you for any advice you all may give!

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    Default The Ultimate Authority

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are several sites that attempt to keep track of major road construction projects including the Federal Highway Administration, Rand McNally, and individual state sites. None are terribly easy to use, and all are necessarily a bit behind on loading and displaying data. In general, sticking to Interstate Highways reduces the chance of outright closures except in extraordinary circumstances such as was recently the case with I-70 through Colorado. As to which route to take, that is ultimately up to you. The fact that you are getting different directions from different routines means that there are several possibilities that are all nearly the same in mileage and time required and the various routines are choosing between them on their criteria. You may apply your own preferences and choose between them based on what you want. For the synoptic view of your trip, I'd strongly recommend that you get a paper atlas and not rely entirely on software and other people's preferences and decisions.


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    First pick the general route you would like to go. You can do this on google maps. Just your town to the town in Texas to get a general outline of the route.

    See how many miles it is. Generally you want to keep it to 600 miles or less a day. You won't see anything other than what is out your window at 600 miles a day. This will give you a rough description of the amount of days it will take you to get there. (Boston to Dallas, for example, will take a 3 day minimum with stops near Pittsburgh and Nashville to evenly break up your trip)

    Pick some points where you will be stopping and, depending on your time you have to travel, decide whether you will be staying there just to get some rest or to stop and look around a bit. We can help you wiht your specific points if you are planning to stay places along your route. We can also help you out with things to do in the area in Texas where you are stopping. Be a little more specific and more help will be available

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    Thank you so much for your replies.

    I am busy looking over the various routes available for this trip. We would like to get to Arlington, TX from MA in 2 or 2 1/2 days. We want to visit for 5 days, and take four days for the return trip to MA. We are hoping to see some cities and make stops on our way home to find available attractions.

    Thanks again for you help!

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    Assuming your starting point is Boston your trip to Arlington is going to be 1800 miles. To do this in 2 days would be 900 miles a day and would take in somewhere in the ballpark of 18 hours each day in the car including basic stops for food and fuel. Your best bet is to stretch it over 3 days and even then you'll be looking at 12 hours including necessary stops each of the 3 days in the car. Your four day trip back to Massachusetts would cover 450 miles a day, probably 9 hours.

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    Default 3 days, minimum

    I strongly agree you should plan on this trip taking at least 3 full days. Trying to do it in 2 days is really too much in any circumstance, but its really going to make for an extra miserable time on a family trip. You'd also end up exhausted by the time you'd arrive, and likely end up wasting two days in Texas, just recovering from the brutal drive down.

    3 days will still be very long days on the road, but at least you'll have time to take a couple short breaks here and there to help you stay focused on the road, and to keep your family sane.

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    The fastest way is I-90 to Cleveland, I-71 to Louisville, I-65 to Nashville, I-40 to Little Rock, and I-30 to Dallas. You would be looking at overnights around Cleveland and Memphis. This is going to be three days with 12 hours in the car each day.

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    Thanks for the route suggestion glc. That seems like a comfortable ride. I will definitely change my itinerary to three days on the way down.

    Any "must see" attractions on that route or slightly off the route that I should make sure to see?

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    There's nothing anywhere that's a "must see" due to people having different interests - what are yours? I can think of way too many things to list along that route. With only 3 days, you are going to have to pick and choose very carefully.

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    We love mountains and natural attractions as well as seeing big cities. Even a drive through an interesting city is fun for us (depending on traffic!). I am 46, wife is 39 and daughter is 12.

    We are easily amused by the most common family attractions and really like car shows and science museums...

    Thanks again for your replies.

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