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  1. Default a trip from niagra falls to chicago, Yellowstone and....


    we are a couple planning a road trip across america and are having problems deciding the best possible path from niagra falls to chicago.

    we thought about driving through London, moving on to detroit, Toledo and then off to chicago via road 20\90...

    is this considered the best possible route? which sites, places and cities are recommended along the road?

    is there a more preffered path and if so - why?

    tnx, gilad.

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    Default preferred

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The simplest way is to head across to London, take 402 to Sarnia to cross the border, then I-69 to I-94 (near battle creek) and take that all the way to Chicago. That's the shortest route and avoids both Detroit and Tolls.

    That said, going through Detroit doesn't really add any significant amount of miles, and depending upon which border crossing is busiest at any given time crossing at Sarnia or Detroit (either the bridge or the tunnel), it could even be faster. I've taken both routes, usually just depending upon what I'm feeling like.

    However, from Detroit, I would just stick to I-94 across Michigan unless you've got a strong desire to visit Ohio and pay the tolls that are required on I-90.

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    My mapping program suggests the fastest route is through Sarnia, avoiding Detroit.

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    thank you (both) but what i ment to ask was not neccesarily the fastest way but the most interesting\recommended one...?

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    Default The Non-Existant 'Best'

    Since the essence of RoadTripping is the freedom to do what you want rather than following some set of railroad tracks or someone else's set itinerary, 'best' is not a word that finds much favor around here. 'Most interesting' is simply a synonym for best. We will recommend routes but only when we can base them on some criteria of yours such as your interests, time available, travel preferences or the like. So what is it that would make a route interesting to you? What types of sites and/or cities would you like to see? How much time do you have for your drive?


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    first of all let me mention that we are tourists.
    we are really open to ideas and hearing an opinion about recommended sites, routes, towns and etc. along the way... (candian side or american)

    i will also mention that our trip in this specific part will be in august, and that we want to cross from niagra to chicago in about 2-3 days (but again - flexible for suggestions)

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Default One Man's Ceiling

    Michael's original suggestion of ON-402 to Sarnia, cross the border, and I-69/I-94 to Chicago would probably work as well for you as anything else. Along that route some of the more interesting attractions (to me at least) would include Crossroads Village outside of Flint, and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. But with the amount of time have available to you could take I-96 at Lansing instead of I-94 at Battle Creek and also visit the town of Holland and some of the Michigan state perks along the lake as well.


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    first of all - thanks, great reply!

    isnt Toledo considred a nice town to pass through? (means taking road 80\90 to michigan)

    what do you consider to be the driving duration? (driving hours)

    tnx again.
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  9. Default From Chicago to yellowstone (through Minniapolis?)


    So now that we got to Chicago, we have a few questions about the next part of the road:

    1. we plan to drive to Madison and see "House on the Rock"- recomended? worth the time?
    2. Millwaukee- what's there to see? and again-is it worth the drive?
    3. about Minniapolis- we really want to see a vikings game there, but if there won't be a game (the schedule isn't published yet) is it recommended anyway? (my girlfriend is talikng about the biggest mall of america- is it really that good?)
    4. if we decide not to drive through Minniapolis what route should we take and what sights are there on the way?

    thank's!! and sorry if it is long...
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    Default Good? Better? Best?

    There is certainly plenty to do any/everywhere on a RoadTrip. Whether a particular sight or attraction is 'worth it' is a judgement call and is yours and yours alone to make.

    1) My guess is that if your are an architecture student to aficionado, this would be a required stop. If not...?

    2) The Milwaukee Art Museum and the parks along the lakefront fit my bill on my last visit there, but then I had the company of my wife and a cousin I hadn't seen in a dozen years.

    3) If this is a summer trip, then there will not be any football games or even training camp. Mall of America is certainly 'unique' and as long as you're in the area and your girlfriend wants to see it, why not?

    4) From Minneapolis, the logical route would be to continue westward on I-94, rejoin I-90 at Billings and drop down into the park on US-89. But even from the Twin Cities, the 'better' choice, in my opinion, would be to take US-169/MN-60 southwest from Minneapolis through Mankato and get on I-90 through South Dakota to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, and other attractions in that general area. If you skip Minneapolis, just stay on I-90 after Madison.


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