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    Default New Mexico Star Gazing Press Release

    I don't usually post press releases -- but this one seemed like a good match...

    Dark Skies of Southwest NM Offers Prime Star Gazing

    Southern NM Star Party Scheduled for April 8-11

    SILVER CITY, NM – Star gazers visiting southwestern New Mexico will be starry eyed as they view the breathtaking celestial wonders of the night skies during the “Southern New Mexico Star Party” from Thursday, April 8 through Sunday, April 11 (12 p.m.). The three day event will be held at the City of Rocks State Park near Silver City, NM.

    The event is presented by the National Public Observatory (NPO) and the New Mexico State Parks.

    Southwestern New Mexico is known by amateur astronomers to have some of the clearest skies in the State because of minimal light pollution.

    In fact, in the month of March, Mars is visible with a telescope in the Eastern sky. Around April 21, the Lyrids meteor shower will also be visible (weather permitting) from southwestern New Mexico and other parts of the State with clear skies.

    The National Public Observatory, along with New Mexico State Parks, offers a variety of night sky programs aimed at educating the public about night sky protection, as well as astronomy. New Mexico State Parks offers “star parties” in southern NM throughout the year. Visit this site for details.

    Also in Southern NM, the Very Large Array Radio Observatory will host free guided tours from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 3. This is one of only two tours per year the Observatory offers to the public. The Observatory is located 50 miles south of Socorro, NM. Tours will leave the visitor center every half hour, with the last tour ending at 4 p.m. No reservations are required. For more information, contact the Very Large Array at (505) 835-7243.

    Individual registration fees for the three day Southern New Mexico Star Party event are $26 per person for those camping, (non NPO members), and $32 per family (non NPO members). Prices are reduced for day use or a stay of less than three days. For a complete list of fees, or to register online, visit this.

    Registration forms should be postmarked by April 3, 2010 (a $5 late fee will apply after the deadline). Fees and forms should be sent to: National Public Observatory, Inc. P.O. Box 19 Radium Springs, NM 88054. Only checks or money orders are accepted.

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    Default Trinity Too

    Note also that April 3rd is one of the two days this year that you can take a tour of the Trinity Site as well.


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