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    Hello to everybody,
    I am an italian man and I want to ride from S.Francisco to Miami, by motorbike....I think an Harley for 14 days from November 27.
    I've been many time in the U.S. and now I would like to try this new experience.
    The trip I wish to follow included:
    S.Francisco...down to S.Barbara......Las Vegas.....Grand Canyon...Monument Valley.....going to Florida through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.
    I would like to know if in Your opinion, it could be possible in this 14 days and if you have any tips to tell me.
    I thank you in advance and sorry for my language :-).

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    Very possible, if you can average 250 to 300 miles a day. You will be riding less than that in some places, so you may have to have an "iron butt" on other days to make up time. Are you going to rent a Harley from Eaglerider?

    You are going to need cold and wet weather riding gear at that time of year.

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    Thank You glc for your answer and patience :-).
    That's the point.....From S.Francisco to Miami I've read that there are many kind of you think it could be raining everywhere?Could you suggest me the best way to rent an harley.
    Thank You in advance...

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    To my knowledge, Eaglerider is the only Harley rental company that has offices in both San Francisco and Miami that allows one-way rentals. Click the link.

    At the end of November and beginning of December, you can see just about any kind of weather along that route. You can see 90 degrees F in the desert, and you can see 10 F in the mountains. You can see rain, and you can see snow.

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