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    Hiya, Im Emma from the UK, i've always wanted to travel around America and me and my friend have decided one summer when we have finally saved the money up we are going to go on a roadtrip. I was wondering if anyone could share any pointers, tips, sites to see, cities to visit and events that are a must to check out. Any information on helpful websites would be greatly appriciated. Thank you so much!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Emmie, your request is what this site is all about, That's the good news. It's also the bad news as there is simply no way to give you an easy answer in a few paragraphs. At this point, you should probably just start wandering through the various pages here. A good pace to start would be the Site Directory which will lead you to various topics such as RoadTrip Planning, articles about various locations to visit, equipment lists, etc., etc., etc. Then wander through the forums, particularly the RoadTrip Field Reports to get a feel for what others have done. Finally, sit down with a map and start checking off the sites and areas you really want to get to. Only at that point can we offer advice tailored to your specific needs.This is NOT a brush off, I'm just trying to point you to the right places to start so that your enthusiasm will be fueled rather than being dampened by trying to answer questions you're not ready to tackle yet. have a good time daydreaming, the best part of any trip!


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    I want to do the same thing in 2 years time, I've started looking already - reading books, like "The Hungry Cyclist" and "Stranger on a Train", to get a feel for the trip. I go to tour operators sites to make sure the big well known sites are plotted so I can include these. I'd like to try lots of transport, foot, bike, Jeep, Train and Boat, and I'd die a happy man if I can have a ride on horseback.
    Have you a rough route yet?

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    From a Brit perspective, road tripping across the USA is full of win.

    Here's how mine went:!/page3

    And if you need any advice regarding insurance, car buying or stuff to drag over from Blighty, hit me up via PM.


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