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    Default Heading up the 101 from San Francisco to Vancouver!!

    Hello fellow travelers!

    Me and my girlfriend are planning a 12 day roadtrip up the pacific northwest coastline starting in San Francisco and ending in Vancouver, Canada (well roundtrip- then back down to SF). We have a couple destinations we want to hit up, and a few friends to stay with mostly located in Portland/ Olympia/ Seattle. I've heard cool things about Bellingham..? But we would love any advice on must see spots along the way. Favorite beaches, hikes, bars, fun things to do, best routes to take, places to camp this time of year?, anything that could be useful from others who have made this journey before and had a fantastic time of it.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    For the area you'll be traveling, I think you'll find a good start for some ideas in this post.

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    Hey there!
    Very glad you hear you're taking a road trip up to our beautiful Olympic City! Once you get here, make sure to visit our newest landmark: The 2010 Olympic Cauldron located adjacent to the new convention centre, and overlooking a beautiful view of Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbour.

    My girlfriend and I are actually taking the same trip next week. Except in opposite directions, obviously. We're driving down the I5 from Vancouver and are staying in Kelso, WA before heading towards the coast at Astoria and driving down the Oregon coastline straight into Cali and to San Francisco.

    One of the places we circled on our route is the Sea Lion Caves just north of Florence, OR. It seems really cool, but as i said, we'll be there next week, so i'll definitely let you know if it's worth seeing or not.

    As far as Bellingham goes, if you don't have a reason to stop there, I probably wouldn't. It is a very nice seaside town, and it has a terrific mexican restaurant, but there's otherwise not a whole lot to do down there. It really depends on what you're looking for.

    If i can offer you any more advice on things to do here in Vancouver, feel free to ask. Likewise, if you can offer me any insights into San Fran (though i seem to have a pretty good idea of what and where to go, it's always nice to have the opinion of a local) please let me know.


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    Thanks for the helpful suggestions Coast - We were thinking about the Sea Lion Caves as well. While in SF - go ahead and do the typical tourie things if you want (GG bridge - Embarcadero - Alcatraz) but if you want to see some of the true under belly of the city and character here is my local list of places to go: The Mission District (16th, 18th, and 24th Street), Dolores Park (on any Weekend/ sunny day) Hayes Valley, Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, SOMA-MOMA.

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    thanks for those suggestions!
    i thought of another place that you definitely need to stop at...
    the Chandelier Tree, just outside of Leggett, it's this huge tree that you can actually drive through. (You've probably heard of it). It seems like a touristy thing to do, but really, no trip through the redwoods would be complete without driving through a tree. Right?

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