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    First of all, this website is very helpful. Nice to see so many people helping one another out. Now, my wife , dog and myself want to travel from NH to Yellowstone. Does this seem like a doable trip in 8 or nine days? If it seem unlikely, anyone have any ideas for a similar type of trip? We will be in our conversion van, so accommodations will not be an issue and we always travel with food! Also, how restrictive would yellowstone be for pets?

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    I should add that my wife and I are photographer and videographer so we will be filming and shooting away. We are hoping for some great wildlife shots.

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    If this is 8 or 9 days one way, that's plenty of time. If that's for the round trip, nope. You didn't say where in NH so I chose Manchester - and from there via fastest route it's 2400 miles to Yellowstone, which is 4 full driving days, 5 would be better. That would not leave you any time to see Yellowstone or anything else.

    Yellowstone Pet Regulations

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