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    I'm DRIVING from the midwest to visit a friend in Maine during the last week of May . . .and then heading to NYC to meet another friend for Memorial Day weekend. I'm stressing about the idea of driving in NYC and wondering about other options. . .maybe drive to Boston, and take a train? OR drive to Connecticut and take a train? Suggestions? ? ?

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    I wouldn't recommend going all the way to Boston to take a train back into New York (in fact, Boston traffic can actually be worse than New York City's if for no other reason than New York is at least laid out in a grid). Which of the boroughs of NYC does your friend live in? That will help decide what the best option is if you don't want to drive directly to the location.

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    I agree with Tim that if you're trying to avoid NY because of traffic, then you should skip Boston too. I've found Bostons traffic to often be worse than NYC.

    If you're looking at the train and want to do Amtrak, I'd look at going to Albany. The other option would be to look at the Metro North commuter line. Of course, the trouble may be finding parking for a couple days - you'll have to look into what options they have for overnight parking. Also think about where you are going after NY, as you don't want to get stuck where you pick a train option that forces you to do a lot of backtracking or even go through NYC to get back home.

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    Metro North is probably your best bet from New York state or Connecticut, but you'll have to do some research on their website to see which stations allow long-term parking. It looks like you have to call each station individually to inquire. My guess is that you should not try to go too close to the city to pick up a train as those stations will be more geared towards daily commuters. Amtrak stations may definitely have the parking option as well, but the train tickets will cost a bit more.

    One place where I know you could park is at the New Jersey transit (New Jersey commuter train) Metropark station. They have a nice, safe garage and overnight parking and the station is right near a major highway intersection (NJ Turnipke and Garden State Parkway). I've done this a couple of times as have my family members. The problem is you'd have to drive all the way around New York City to get there from Boston. But if you are going back to the midwest after NYC, that may not be such a big deal.

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