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    Hey gang
    My husband , two sons ages 15 and 10 and I are planning on a road trip this summer. We are planing on flying out to the Grand Canyon renting a car and driving back to Jersey here the thing... we are not sure what to do on the trip back. we have about 2 weeks to take this on. looking to make the best of it all. we are a pretty open family we like to do the normal sight seeing but not afraid to check out the off the beaten path stuff either. we enjoy sports. and lots of US history, ghost stories are on that list too. I guess we are a typical american Family. looking forward to your input


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    Default It's up to you

    At the very least it'll take 4 or 5 days to get back to New Jersey from the Grand Canyon so you'll have plenty of time. As a history guy there is history everywhere.

    The route is up to you. Grab yourself a good map and check out what states you are going to go through to get yourself back to NJ. Your inquiry is too broad right now. Once you have a route we can give you more specifics.

    Personally I'd go through Texas and into the deep south and up north through the Smokey's. I did this a year and a half ago. US History is right on the side of the interstate at the Mississippi welcome center in Vicksburg for example. I can give you this exact route if you wish.

    Check out which route you want to take and let us know and we will be able to help more.
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    thanks for replying so quickly will look into what states we might like to stick to and get back to the thread .your trip sounds like a blast. will let you know about checking out the route you tool after we sit down and discuss it more.
    thanks again

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    Hello czboyz,
    If you decide on a loop through the Deep South enroute for the Smokies, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Park, or all 3, taking some of the trip from Vicksburg/Natchez along the Natchez Trace Scenic Parkway would be nice. The NTSP is a National Park unit itself.

    With sons aged 10 and 15, and after some summertime days in the desert heat of AZ, NM, and TX, followed by some humid heat in LA and MS, a day of whitewater rafting in the Smokies would be very enjoyable. The Nantahala Outdoor Center at Wesser, NC, offers part-day and full-day trips in either rafts or individual inflatable kayaks ("duckies") along the Nantahala River. Much of the river's flow comes from the bottom of Nantahala Reservoir (+ 300' deep) so it's cold enough to take your breath away even in August. Plenty safe for the kids, too.

    A little farther northeast, at Damascus, VA (an hour northwest of Boone/Blowing Rock, NC), lies the Virginia Creeper Trail, a rails-to-trails park featuring an all-downhill 17 mile bike ride. There are a number of bike rental and shuttle services in Damascus. It's a great way to see the mountains up close and one need not be a skilled cyclist to enjoy the ride. You barely even need to pedal, and then only on the last half-dozen miles or so. The VCT is very safe for kids, too, with few road crossings.

    Just a bit farther north, the New River offers flatwater and very mild whitewater canoeing in both NC and VA.

    Have fun planning and taking your Road Trip!


  5. Default two weeks jersey to Grand Canyon

    after posting a very broad post about a trip west my husband and I have pin pointed where we want to go.
    myself, husband and two sons 15 and 10 . we have decided to drive from Jersey final destination is Grand Canyon and get the most out of that area...
    we want to stop 1 or 2 times on both our trip out and back and with some rest and fun. the most direct route is best. however we still want to make the best of our trip back and forth.
    we will be bring a tent but I am a car camper need showers and electric.. sorry Jersey girl... most times we will be staying in a motel hotel etc.
    things we like to do . outdoor activities, amusment parks, historical sites, ghost towns.
    thanks in advance for the help
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    Default 1 or 2 days?

    It's going to take 8 days to get to the Grand Canyon from New Jersey and back and that's going to be at a good clip. Did you decide not to fly to the area first? So you are going to have 5 or 6 days to spend at the grand canyon.

    You have two options for a route. Head out from I-80 to I-76 in western PA/Ohio and then head south on I-71 to Columbus. From there take I-70 all the way to St. Louis and hit I-44 south to Oklahoma City. from there head on I-40 west into Arizona.

    The other options is to take I-80 to the Nebraska-Colorado border where it meets up with I-76. Head on I-76 to I-70 in Denver and work into Utah wher eyou'll go on US 191 South to Arizona where you'll meet up with US-61

    Generally we recommend no more than 600 miles a day but it's up to what you and your family can handle. Go to google maps and see where about you'll be stopping based on that and determine your stopping points on the way out to the canyon and we'll be able to assist more.

    Also are you planning to stay a one night are two nights at whatever locations you decide to stop on your way to the canyon or just a night to rest and head back on the road in the morning?

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    Default No way.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am a little confused !

    As said above it will take 8 days for the travelling as explained earlier in the thread and even with that amount of time there won't be much time for fun as well as rest, they would be 10 hour days of driving with time for short food and bathroom breaks, a stretch of the legs and to fill with gas.

    If you are happy to make the journey part of your road trip and take 10 or 11 days to sight see along the way with 3 or 4 at the Grand canyon and surrounding area it will work OK but otherwise it's back to the drawing board I am afraid.

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    I hear you making the trip in 2 weeks is not that easy and we won't be able to visit places for fun. we are going to extend the trip so we can stop for fun and enjoy the trip more. thanks for the advice.

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    I think you've got us all a little confused here.

    You certainly can make the trip out to the Grand Canyon and back in 2 weeks, and have a good time. Your time will be somewhat limited, of course, but its certainly possible.

    It was your comment that you wanted to stop "one or two times" on the way out that is the reason for the concern, because it implies you were trying to drive well over 1000 miles each day. You need to plan to stop at least 3 times each direction. If you do that, you're looking at about 8 days on the road, which still leaves you 6 days for exploration. You could spend about 3 days at the canyon, and that would still leave you another 2-3 days to play with for other sites while you are on the road. In those cases, you could spend a full day at another location along the way, or you could simply make each of your driving days shorter, where you'll spend more time making shorter stops at things you find along the way.

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    gang thanks for all the insite we are thinking in order to do it right we need more time . so the canyon is not for us this year. I will be starting a news thread when we figure out better where we are heading . maybe Mt. Rushmore? all still in the early planing stages.
    thanks again.

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