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    Hey everyone, me and a good friend want to take a road trip for the ages, we plan on leaving in a couple years but we will be on the road for possibly 3-5 years, I will not have enough money saved up by then to fund a road trip this massive. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fund a road trip this big while we are on the road (through the internet or something like that) any ideas you post would be helpful, any at all.

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    Default Not easy, not impossible.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    In reality it's not going to be easy especially if the economic climate remains downbeat, but if it was I think a lot of us would be doing it.

    The RTA site is extensive and you can find info on all aspects of road tripping in tool bar at the top of the page that opens thousands of new links such as these ones here.

    If you need inspiration then take a look here at how the founders of RTA started their years on the road and just about proves that anythings possible, if you want it bad enough !

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