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  1. Default The start of the roadtrip

    Alright so I am planning a roadtrip for either this summer or next summer if i do not have enough time in prep.
    I will have a lot of questions so if anyone can answer them that is more then helpful

    To start things off. i drive a car that has over 180,000 miles and there is no way it would make it to california and back also i can not rent a car because for some reason in this country you can drink gamble and join the army but you need to be 23 to rent a car.

    So my first question is how can i get a car without buying one
    should i go with just buying a cheap car that works or i have heard about something and i wanted to know if it were true. I heard certain companies will sponser a car with their advertisment on it. If this is true is there any way from any company i would be able to get a car to travel to most of america's major cities

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    Do you have someone you could go with and take their car? Offer to split gas and drive time, or pay for a few nights in a hotel in lieu of gas money. LOL And before you ask, unfortunately I do not have a car. Barring that, I would maybe plan for next summer and get a car with a few less miles on it if you don't think your current one will make it. Or plan a shorter trip this time around, then get a newer car and plan a longer trip a year or three in the future. As far as the advert idea, I'm not sure if it is true or not.

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    Default Reality of it.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forum !

    To start things off. i drive a car that has over 180,000 miles and there is no way it would make it to california and back
    Are you presuming this because of the mileage factor alone, or because it is clapped out ? If it's the former I would get a mechanic to make that decision before writing it off.

    should i go with just buying a cheap car
    You don't say how many miles you are planning on clocking up for this trip but would a "cheap" car give you the peace of mind to do a long journey. If your car needs replacing then perhaps you should think longer term than a cheap car for a road trip [that could turn out to be expensive] and find something reasonable which you could manage in your budget. Perhaps it would be worth considering a less ambitous trip to start with if it meant getting the right vehicle.

    but you need to be 23 to rent a car.
    It's possible to rent over 21 years of age but unfortunately carries a hefty young driver surcharge that could go a long way to purchasing a vehicle depending on the lenght of your trip. I take it you won't be 25 if you put your trip off another year ?

    I heard certain companies will sponsor a car with their advertisement on it. If this is true is there any way from any company i would be able to get a car to travel to most of america's major cities
    Other than commercial vehicles such as cabs have you noticed driving around with an advert on it ? It has been mentioned before many times, but if it were true every other car on the street would be sponsored as it is every one's dream to have there road trip payed for by someone else but in reality it's not going to happen.
    [If you find someone be sure that I am the first to know ! Lol ]

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    Default exchanging problems

    I am a little puzzled by your idea to get a "cheap car" since it sounds you already have one. 180,000 isn't necessarily a lot of miles on a well taken care of car, but it is certainly getting up there and your odds of having a problem on the road are going up with age and miles.

    However, that sounds pretty much like the definition of a cheap car to me, so if you got a different cheap car, you'd simply be trading your problems, for someone elses - and won't have the background of knowing what's already broke/been fixed as you do with your current car.

    Having said that, if you wanted to spend a couple thousand dollars to upgrade to a better car, that might be a worthwhile idea.
    i can not rent a car because for some reason in this country you can drink gamble and join the army but you need to be 23 to rent a car.
    There are actually several things wrong with that statement.

    First of all, you're making an apples to orangles comparison. Drinking, Gambling, Enlistment are all things decided by law, which car rental policies are determined by companies looking at their risks and liablities. The fact is drivers under 25 far more likely to take risks and end up in crashes. The statistics prove it, and there is even biological evidence in the study of brain development to back it up. Because of that risk, and the increased cost of insurance associated with that risk, its simply not worthwhile for car rental companies to rent to young drivers without factoring that in.

    Second, your statement that you need to be 23 to rent a car simply isn't factually accurate. 25 is typically the cut off for standard rental rates, plus the ability to rent premium classes of cars, however, nearly all will allow drivers over age 21 to rent, for an additional fee which typically costs about $25 per day. In fact, there are companies that will also rent to drivers between 18-21 (some places including New York state its even required by law), however, this is typically done by small local companies, so you're dealing with older cars and often have geographic restrictions, and the premium cost is also much higher. When allowed at all, a 18-20 year old will typically be looking at an underage surcharge of $50+ per day.

  5. Default wow

    wow you guys really ripped me apart i put 23 cause some states its 25 and some states its 21 i smacked it in the middle sorry i didn't know i would get so many reponses on it

    My car is a 2001 infinity that has 180,000 miles on it and i dont know if i would be able to make that trip with my car without a break down if you guys think a car on that many miles could make a trip from new jersey to california and back that would be fine i would like to hear what you think

    All i was asking is if there were sponsered vechicles for longs trips i guess not though I just have a trip planned and a car is the only thing holding me back

    i dont know what to do

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    Default Not

    Sorry, I just don't see where anyone "ripped you apart". You made a political statement and were advised on why your assumptions which lay behind it were not germane, and you cited an unfounded rumor for getting free transportation which was debunked. In the meantime, you were also given the best advice we or anyone else could give you for what to do next. Get your current car thoroughly checked out by a mechanic you trust and rely on his judgement on whether it is up to the trip you want to take. We have never seen the car and cannot make that judgement for you. If your current vehicle is up to it, get it set up and go for it, with some money in reserve should it nonetheless break down. If it clearly won't make it, start or continue to save until you can afford to replace it with a roadworthy vehicle, either purchase or rental. Those really are your only choices.


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    Default Take your time

    Quote Originally Posted by imdanny12345 View Post
    i dont know what to do?
    Well, Danny, the answer to that question is very simple. Start today, and save your money. Work hard, don't waste a moment. When you have it all together, have the car you want and the time to take the trip, then take the trouble-free trip you will enjoy.

    And in the meantime..... Be happy with what you have, till you can afford what you want!


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    Default what was said

    Sorry, you made a factually incorrect statement, and you were corrected. Despite what you think, this is not a "state" issue, and there is no state that says you can't rent a car until you are 25, nor is there a law in any state that says you can't rent a car when you are 21. This is completely based on rental car company policies. In fact, the only laws are quite the opposite, where in a few places car rental companies are required to provide rental cars to customers as young as 18. If you feel that you've been "ripped apart" for being given the facts, I think you'll have a hard time getting honest advice here or anywhere else in life.

    I will let you know that my roadtrip vehicle is a 2001 with 215,000 miles on it, and I would trust it to get to California. However, I know the history of it, I know how I've taken care of it, and I'm confident it would be up to the task. I have had a mechanical breakdown with it in the past while on the road, and know that is still a possibility with any car of that age and mileage, so I have funds available in case a repair is needed.

    That of course does not mean that your car is up to the task. There is no way that anyone on any internet forum can make a diagonsis like that without giving your car a complete mechanical inspection.

    With your roadtrip, as with anything in life, it will be what you make of it. If you decide that the car will hold you back, then you won't go, if you decide that the trip is important enough, you'll find a way to get beyond that problem. This is just another part of life, all of which is completely within your own control.

  9. Default yellowstone or denver and the rockies

    in a choice of only 1 what do you think woule be the better choice yellowstone national park or denver and seeing the rocky mountains
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    Default unanswerable

    Which tastes better chicken or pork?

    Its simply not a question that can be generically answered. Both are remarkably interesting and scenic places, but the answer is completely unique to each individual and what that persons interests are.

    There is no one sized fits all roadtrip, and thus questions like these result in answers that would really be no more valuable than a name picked out of a hat. If you have specific questions about each of these areas that might help you decided which is a better choice for you, we'll certainly try to help.

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