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  1. Default Westcoast Trip + Utah + Canadian Rockies in 3 weeks

    Hi all,

    we are two guys from Germany planing a Road-Trip in Western North America in August/September 2010. We have 21 days time and we start in LA. We want to see Las Vegas, San Francisco, Utah, Yellowstone, Calgary (Canada), Whistler, Vancouver. We want to end the trip in Seattle. We know it will be a long trip with alot of hours driving, but this is no problem for us as far as we are both loving talking and joking together ;-)

    We also know that there will be places were it is worth to stay for a couple of days, but this is not our goal. We like to check out the places to know were it is worth to go again in future.

    I have already been to Death Valley, LV , Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon NP and know the area quite well there.

    Is there anybody who can recommend a route going from Grand Canyon op to the North towards Yellowstone and from there to Calgary - Vancouver - Seattle area? Which places are on the route that we must see? Is there an option not to take the "big highways"?

    Is it realistic to do this trip in 3 weeks?

    Best regards
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    Hi all,

    I just figured out that this trip is too much stress in this short time.

    Thanks alot !


  3. Default San Francisco (CA) to Yellowstone NP in 7 days

    Hi all,

    a friend and me are planing a trip from San Francisco (CA) to Yellowstone NP by car. We have about 1 week time for that.
    Does anybody of you have some recommendations regarding the route? Would be great to see some nice spots on the way. If I google it's hard for me to figure out which way to go and which places that may be worth to stop.

    Regards and many thanks from Germany,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its a full 2 days of driving from San Francisco to Yellowstone, so if you only have a week and this is a round trip, I think I would simply focus on covering the miles. 3 Days between Yellowstone and Tetons will be ok, but that time will fly right by, and I really wouldn't want to add much more to it.

    Quite frankly, I think the distance with the short amount of time would likely be more stressful than the trip you just decided to scratch.

    If your time is limited to 7 days, I would try to fly into a closer location. Salt Lake City is your closest major airport, but there are also a lot of smaller airports around there. Seattle and Denver would also be closer than San Francisco (although you'd still need an overnight stop), or Calgary could also be a good option that's a one day drive, as long as you make sure your rental car is allowed across the border.

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    Hi Michael,

    thanks for your reply. Actually we have 21 days time in US. But I planed 7 days just for the trip from SF to Yellowstone. It does not include the time we want to spend in the park itself.

    Wehn we leave Yellowstone we plan to make a trip to Calgary, Banff and Vancouver. We drop our car in Seattle at the last day.

    Our plan is to go as follows:

    SF (2 days)
    driving to Yellowstone (about 7 days)
    Yellowstone (about 2 days)
    Canada (Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, about 9 days)
    Seattle (last day)

    So it is 7 days to spend the time between SF and Yellowstone. Is this a good idea or isn't there much to see? Would you better recommend to spend more time in Canada?


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    Default Shots in the dark.

    Hi there,

    Is this 1 week for a one way trip in between the two places, or will it include your time in SF and Yellowstone ?

    There are multiple routes with nice spots and as difficult as choosing places of interest can be you really need to research your options and get a couple of dots on the map and then we can make some informed suggestions.

    Some possibilities are heading North from SF either crossing the Golden gate bridge and run up the 101 and visit parts of the coast to the Redwoods before heading inland towards Klamath falls and/or Crater lake or use I 5 through Shasta lake and Mount Shasta to Klamath falls and Crater lake. Alternatively you could head East through Yosemite NP and then build a route from there, South lake Tahoe to Idaho falls with a detour to Craters of the Moon NM or head further East on US6 to Tonopah and continue to Ely continuing on US 93 North towards Craters of the Moon or US 93 Alt to West Wendover and Bonneville Salt flats on I 80 to SLC ,I 15 North and US 89 past Bear lake to the Grand Tetons.

    Do your research and see if any of those places "hit the spot" and then start building around it.

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    Many thanks for your suggestions!

    It is 7 days just for the ride. The time in SF and Yellowstone is not included.
    I have already been to Yosemite last year and I like to see some different spots now :-)

    I will google the spots you mentioned and give a feedback asap or do you have different suggestions now when you know that is full 7 days time?

    Best regards from the Rhine Valley,

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    So when you said your plans for a 21 day trip were too stressful for your short time, you really didn't mean that, and you are still going forward with your plans almost exactly as you'd originally laid them out? I think Dave gave you a whole bunch of ideas that will work well for you, but I feel a bit like we're trying to hit a moving target here.

    Regardless, I would strongly recommend getting a good paper map or atlas so you can get a better visual feel of the area, which will make your planning much easier than if you just use a computer program.

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