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  1. Default Portland, Or to Reno any must sees along the way?

    Driving to Reno from Portland metro area. Would like to know good routes and any points of interest. Open to all suggestions but particularly keen on ghost towns, anything to do with mining and animal/wildlife parks. We don't need the fastest route just the most interesting:) thank you in advance for any suggestions

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    Default A little research needed.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are many interesting routes and one common response that is popular on the forums is that we don't do "must sees" as we all have individual tastes. I have no experience of Oregon ghost towns or wildlife parks but by putting that into your search engine you will find a lot of results, it's whether you want to build your trip around there locations or not and if you have the time to do so. Although you say you don't need the fastest route, you don't give any indication as to how long you have for the trip, a day, few days, a couple of weeks, a month ?
    To do this trip same day will not leave any time to get off the main route and sight see as it would be a full day on the road of 10 hours plus.

    A couple of things I would find of interest would be Klamath falls, Mount Shasta and Lassen volcanic park as well as Crater lake but I think that will be in "winter mode" if you travel soon but worth checking out.

    If you search the forums you will find lots of useful info and once you have a couple of dots on the map and an idea of time I am sure some other members will be able to make some recommendations.

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    Default Animals

    You can of course find the zoo type environments that will charge you for looking at wild animals, including West Coast Game Park in Bandon, OR; Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR; and Sea Lion Caves in Florence, OR. But don't forget the natural homes of wildlife that you own, Oregon's and Nevada's National Wildlife Refuges.


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