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  1. Default Debating Between Two Trips for 18 YO's: NYC-->Chicago, NYC-->Bar Harbor, Maine

    Hello everyone:

    A buddy of mine and I would like to take a road trip this summer, as we have planned to for a long time. We will be graduating high school and are just looking for an interesting, relaxing trip, one without too much pressure or time constraint.

    We are sort of in between two different trips, and as newcomers to the details of road tripping, are seeking advice. Our two ideas are:

    1) New York City (we live right outside of it) to Chicago: My family is in Chicago and could put us up for a while, plus it is a great city with a lot of fun stuff to do. I have done the drive in a straight shot before, and from that experience I am concerned about what there will be to do in between? What are some routes we can take to maximize the attractions, landscapes in between?

    2) New York City to Bar Harbor, Maine: I have heard Bar Harbor is exquisitely beautiful and would like to see it, and we feel an east coast trek might be more our speed, as we have grown up here. Thoughts?

    Ultimately, which one would you choose? I have done long trips in the car, but they have all been straight shots. This will be our first time out on the road.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is exactly the kind of question that no one can answer except you and your buddy. I've done both drives and there's a lot to be said for both. So I guess the first thing to do is for you and your buddy to sit down and discuss what it is you want out of your RoadTrip. That will, in turn, go a long way towards pointing you in the right physical direction as well. I will say that having done both those general routes, you can't go wrong, although having lived in Maine for many years my heart wants to see you go there. There is plenty of scenery and history on the way and Acadia is a worthwhile destination. On the other hand, there is also a ton to do on the way to Chicago and the fact that you only took a day for your previous trip and are concerned that there will not be enough to do clearly shows that you have a lot of exploring to do there as well. For starters, look at US-6 through northern Pennsylvania rather than the Turnpikes. Look at Delaware Water Gap NRA, Cuyahoga NP and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore for just some of the great outdoor locations you missed on your previous mad dash to Chicago.As I say, we can offer advice and some of our experiences, but ultimately the choice will always remains where it belongs, with you.


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    Default Cost and Age

    One thing you have to think about is which one is going to be the most cost effective for you. I was 18 only 6 years ago so I know how poor I was back then. The farthest "road trip" I went on was from my place in western NJ to the WaWa about 45 minutes away in Stroudsburg, PA. If it's more cost effective for someone to put you up in Chicago than to pay for hotels in Maine go there. It comes down to cash on these things a lot of the time. Also, I know a lot of places won't let you stay at their hotel until you are 21. I ran into that problem several times trying to go down to the Jersey Shore. That is something you are going to have to look into as well if you plan on going to Maine.

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