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    Hi all out there in the "good ole USA". Can anyone give a few ips to a "Limey" visiting your fantastic country. I might, just might, even forgive you for all the lovely breakfast tea you wasted in Boston!

    My question.

    My beloved and I are planning a roadtrip next April (2011). Basic Itinary as follows.

    3 night Vegas, (see Celine Dion), collect Mustang Convertable. (beats my Leyland rubbish)
    Drive to Zion via Hoover Dam 1 night
    Onto Bryce 2 nights (maybe Ruby's)
    Back to Beatty on edge of Death Valley, 1 night
    Slow drive through Death Valley to Furnace Creek 1 night.
    Next day dont know any tips? 1 night.
    Onto Pacific coast up to Monteray 1 night.
    Last day up to San francisco, 4 nights

    Was looking to go from Death Valley to Yosemite, but I belive Tioga Pass will still be closed.

    Back to the rain, cold, winds and depression of UK. Just before a election!

    Thanks in advance chaps (thats London slang for friends)


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    Default Same trip ?

    Hi Marvin,

    I am presuming this is the same trip as this one but at a different time of year ?

    First off the Hoover dam is in the opposite direction of Zion NP and would most likely be better to do as a day trip from Vegas if it's a "must see" for you. Secondly I would actually recommend spending 2 nights at Zion and one at Bryce, both are spectacular but Zion is more time consuming and I think it would be better balance but up to you. Third off is spending a night in Beatty and one in Furnace creek, which is fine for exploring but just so you know they are under 2 hours apart and you might be better off heading further West across DV or even out the otherside to ease your journey to the coast. If you got to Lake Isabella for instance you could then head to Morro bay for the night before heading to Monterey.

    Yosemite valley can still be visited from the West side of the Sierra's but might be difficult to fit in with the coast if you don't want to do to much more travelling, although I would still recommend heading through Page to the South rim of the Grand canyon and then you could visit Hoover dam on the way back to DV.

    Have a search of the forums where you will find lots of info to help you through the planning.

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    Thanks Dave.

    The recession hit, I lost my job, so the previous trip never came about. We have now retired, pension plans paid out, so are replanning the trip of our dreams.

    Thanks for the tips. will miss out hoover dam and go straight to Zion.
    Like the idea of 2 nights at Zion, and 1 at Bryce.

    Looking at map its a bit silly to go all the way up to Beatty, could stop in Death valley junction. Thought we would then spend the next day exploring Death Valley, before stopping overnight at Furnace Creek, or Stovepike Wells (which do you recommend).

    An early start to the west stopping somewhere, is DV to Morro bay too much of a drive for a single day?

    Following day up to Monteray, or Carmell (is Clint Eastwood still mayor).

    Overnight then finish off in SFO.

    Its a lot of planning, especially when you dont know the roads, or distances. I know you can get all directions of Auto-route etc., but it doesn't tell you what the roads are like, and the average speed you can hope to obtain.

    Want to enjoy the trip, not drive just for its own sake. Had enough of that when I was a truck driver on the european mainland!

    Thanks again


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    Default Suggestions

    Trust me, you will enjoy the trip and the wide open spaces and spectacular views from the road will make the drive as memorable as the destinations. There are many way's to "juggle" the trip but this is one that I think could work well with your chosen places of interest

    Considering you are not going to Hoover dam what I would suggest you do so that you haven't got such a long drive from Bryce to Death valley and to even out your drive times would be to go to Bryce from Vegas via Cedar city I 15/UT14/US89 and UT 12 to Bryce and then back to Zion next day on UT12/US89/UT9 and enter Zion through the Mount Carmel tunnel. If you arrive at Bryce in the afternoon and settle in you should be able to visit the Bryce canyon overlook/sunset and sunrise points and witness a sunset over the canyon, wonderful ! The next morning drive to the far end of the canyon to Rainbow point and drive back up the road stopping at the various viewpoints. By going to the far end first all the pull outs and views will be on your side of the road. In the afternoon head for Zion enjoy your first looks and settle in for the first night, Springdale is a great little town. Then spend the next full day exploring the canyon with easy walks such as Riverside walk, Weeping rock and/or Emerald pools and spend your second night.

    Head for Death valley next day, stay the night and witness a wonderful sunset over the desert from Death valley junction [Armogosa opera house] or Furnace creek resort and next day explore the park while heading West, you could stay at Stovepipe Wells at day's end and enjoy more time in DV or take your time and continue on towards Ridgecrest or Lake Isabella for the night. Next day a trip to the coast, yes it's doable from Death valley [probably 8 hours relaxed] but if that's too much getting to Ridgecrest/ Lake Isabella will reduce that.

    A night on the coast and a most wonderful coastal drive up the PCH to Monterey for the night before continuing to SF where there is much to do but one thing I would recommend is booking an Alcatraz tour in advance through the NPS. It's a great experience not only on the Island but from the boat where you can experience great views of the City and Golden gate bridge [fog permitting].
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    Clint hasn't been the mayor for over 20 years! It's still there, but he no longer owns the Hog's Breath Inn. Decent food, especially the burgers.

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    Thanks Dave

    You really know your stuff. Do you do this full time, or just for a hobby?

    Thanks for the great advice. Going to follow it to the letter. Decided to stop the night in Stovepike wells, and early start to the coast. Where do you recommened to stop befor Monteray?


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    Default Just for fun !

    Thanks Marvin, flattery will get you everywhere Lol !

    All the members give up their time to help each other with advice and suggestions, I think most would agree it's a passion more than a hobby but either way we are happy to help.

    I can't offer advice on specific lodgings on the coast but Morro bay, Cayucus and Cambria would all be good bets before heading up the coast, I have seen a couple of good reports on Cayucus but someone else might come along with suggestions.

    For your first night in DV I would try and get to Furnace creek but be warned I have just read a report that has not put the Opera house in a good light, so I would give that a miss.

    I hope you get the time to drop by when your trip is done and share some of the highlights and your thoughts with us.

    Have a great trip !

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