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    I am trying to plan a road trip out west from NJ. I would like to see Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Yosemite and Grand Canyon. One of my traveling partners is convinced it can be done in 2 weeks. I on the other think 3 weeks would be better. Does anyone have any suggestions on how long this would take if done properly? any suggestions on routes to take there to see some more cool sites maybe Montana etc...? I am a road trip rookie and would take any suggestions.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Physically, you could make this drive in 2 weeks, but that's all you would have time to do. There would be zero time left over for siteseeing. You're looking at about 6500 miles of driving, which is a solid 13 days on the road, driving about 10 hours every day.

    Three weeks would give you more time, although even there, you're going to have to pick and choose. If you spend just one day each at all the places you've listed so far, you'd only have 2-3 days left to play with. Certainly doable, if you're looking for a quick overview trip.

    If you want to explore things a bit more in depth and your time is limited, you might look at doing a fly and drive trip. Since all of the places you've listed are out west, you'd save a lot of time driving cross country, and could do a very nice loop, going up the west coast, and then back down through Montana/Utah/Arizona - or vice versa.

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    Default The longer the better.

    As Michael has pointed out 2 weeks just isn't enough time to enjoy the trip and 3 weeks is barely enough but possible.
    I also agree that doing a fly drive type holiday out West and doing a loop is a good option or another would be to take a one way trip but you would face the dreaded one way drop off fee. Neither of these might be suitable if you are taking your own vehicle and want to avoid rental costs so you have a little sorting out to do.

    As for routes, I would suggest you get a good map of the US and use the RTA pages as a resource centre and use the search button to find more info on places that you think appeal to you. Once you have sorted out some of the issues and started putting your plans into place I am sure we will be able to make suggestions and help you "tweak" what you have.

    Enjoy the planning !

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