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  1. Default Plannign a road trip from Maryland to california and back....

    Hello guys im new on this forum and i would like to get some new ideas about my trip...Im planning a trip from maryland to california and back...I have the whole month of may free so i like to use that and travel around..What do you guys recommend?Going there by taking the southern part and then coming back taking the northern part?Any suggestions? Il leave it like this for now thanks

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    Default make it your own

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The best thing I can tell you is to build your own trip, one that fits in the things and places that are most interesting to you. There is no one sized fits all route or approach for a cross country trip, and the ability to go anywhere is what makes the roadtrip different from a lot of other forms of travel. Spend some time just getting an idea of what things you'd like to do and see, and go from there!

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    The weather would favor a southern route going out and a northern route coming back, yes.

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