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  1. Default Day trip from the DC area for a rainy day

    Hey guys,

    I am in the DC area. I had posted about possible day trips from the DC area and I got a ton of helpful suggestions.

    My girlfriend has spring break this week. So I am planning to do a mini trip on Friday. Initially we thought of roaming around Gettysburg, but the forecast calls for a lot of rain and that trip seems to be iffy now (since we were planning to do a lot of walking). So I am thinking of the following options:

    a) Drive to Luray caverns. Also visit a few wineries in the area
    b) Go the aberdeen museum, then visit the US Fish and Wildlife museum and then go to a winery in Mt. Airy.

    I prefer to go north into central MD as I am closer to that place already (I actually live in Gaithersburg, MD). Can you guys suggest attractions that are suitable for a rainy day?


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    Have you considered something like Annapolis?

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    Default Indoors Outside of DC

    Let's start with some of the better known indoor attractions near (but not in) Washington. Those would include the National Aquarium in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore, a drive up the Potomac past the Great Falls of the Potomac to Harpers Ferry. On the other hand some less well known sites may also appeal such as the a series of sites west of Wilmington, DE that would let you be indoors or outdoors as the weather allows: the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum, Winterthur, and Longwood Gardens.


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    I'd have to give you the advice of AZ Buck, and mostly because I'm into history, go with Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. Last May I had to go to a wedding in Frederick, MD and saw how close Harper's Ferry is to there. Harper's Ferry was big in the Civil War and is a great historical place to be. The scenery is fantastic heading into Virginia (barely) along the Potomac and into West Virginia. It felt like a completely different place to be, like a living museum. When I get away for a day I still want to feel far away from home and Harper's Ferry will do that.

  5. Default Weekend roadtrip report

    Hey guys,

    My GF and I just got back from the road trip. It was a really fun relaxing and touristy trip for both of us.

    We decided to head to Luray and then play rest of the trip by the ear. We left on Friday morning and took I270S->I495S->I66W->US29S->US211W. 211 was the best part of this drive once we left Warrenton. The scenic countryside with the clouds over the hills was really beautiful.

    We stopped at a small shop ( just outside Sperryville and just outside of Shenandoah NP and bought honey, preserves etc. The owner was very friendly and we chatted a little bit with her. Then we stopped at the Buck Hollow trail (my fav trail in Shenandoah) and just walked around for a lil bit. It was quite beautiful because of the rain.

    We then reached Luray and bought the tickets to the maze as well as the caverns. We did the maze and it was a lot of fun in the light drizzle. There were four spots in the maze that reveal the theme of the maze. It was really silly and enjoyable. Then we went and toured the caverns. They had this audio guide that was very interesting. We sort of held back from the group and had the caverns to ourselves. We took our time and just slowly toured the caverns. Very interesting. Then we went to this Antique Automobile museum which was surprisingly enjoyable. They had some really fascinating old automobiles and really creepy mannequins. Very very quirky. It was quite odd to find that museum right next to the caverns. We decided to spend the night in Luray and booked a night in Day's Inn. The motel was nice and clean. We had dinner at a brick oven pizzeria ( and it was just fantastic! The owners were extremely friendly and I highly recommend the place. They use natural and local ingredients to make the pizza. The food was awesome and the service was excellent. Please visit the place when you visit Luray.

    The next day we decided to head over to the factory of Rte 11 potato chips ( (we found a brochure in the motel). It was located in Mount Jackson. They have these big glass windows through which you can see the chips being fried, salted and bagged. It was quite interesting. We ended up buying huge bags of different potato chips!

    We then decided to head to Monticello. We took US11S->US211E->US340S->US33E->US29S. Reached Monticello around 3:30. We spent the next 2.5 hrs roaming around and walking the lawns etc. It was very neat and interesting. The guided tour inside the house was very informative and entertaining. We spent the night in Day's inn on US 29. It was one of the worst inns I ever stayed in. The faucet was clogged up, the room was too hot and the fridge did not work. I guess you win some, lose some.

    The next morning we started heading back, and decided to stop at a winery we had seen on the way to Luray on the first day. It was owned by an Indian couple and was named Narmada winery, after a river in India ( The route we followed was US29N->US231N->US211E. We sampled a bunch of different wines and also had lunch there along with the wine sampling. It was a really neat experience. The wines were fantastic and the accompanying food was excellent. We bought a case of different wines. After the sampling, we took a walk around the winery and it was in a beautiful setting. This certainly was a very unique experience. We headed back to my place taking US211E->US29N->I66E->I495N->I270N.

    This was one of the most enjoyable trips I ever took. Time was of no essence and we took our time exploring (we could have made it even more laid back - of course!). I highly recommend the rolling hills and beautiful scenics of central VA.
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