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    Hi Everyone,
    (This is long)
    I enjoy this site so much and have learned so much from it.
    My Daughter and I plan to make a cross country trip the middle of June this year. We will be traveling with two boys 8 yrs and 13 yrs (who is in wheel chair) and was wondering if you knew of interesting things along way that they would enjoy.
    This is the route we will be taking: We are hoping I 40 will be open by then since we are from the coast.
    I 40 to Little Rock, hwy 65 to Springfield Mo then 13 to Warrensburg to visit family.
    From Warrensburg to Kansas City picking up I 29 to Sioux Falls S. Dak.
    I 90 to Badlands Nat. Park to Rapid City, Mount Rushmore and all interesting things that area from there I 90 to Buffalo Wyo. Then hwy 16 to Cody to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nat Park. After that on hwy 89 to Salt Lake City. Then I 80 to Reno.
    Reno down hwy 395 Yosemite Nat. Park and Merced, hwy 99 to San Francisco.
    Down the coast on I 5 to San Diego. Then I 15 to I 40 to Williams Az. And hwy 64 to Grand Canyon. Leave there back on I 40 to Albuquerque, over to hwy 285 to Carlsbad
    Caverns. Then hwy 62 to Lubbock up I 27 to Amarillo then I 40 to North Carolina.
    We have no time limit we expect it will take 5 to 6 weeks. We want to take the boys
    To see and do as much as possible so anything you know of along the way would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Browse around the site for some scenic drives around the west. My quick suggestion is to try to get to the national parks in the area (you already mentioned Yosemite). Try to add those.

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    Down the coast on I 5 to San Diego.
    I'd take CA-1 down the coast instead of just blasting through the central valley and spend a night somewhere between SF and LA - then spend a day in LA before you go to SD.

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    Anything in particular that you enjoy doing? I'm inferring you must like the outdoors well enough, but was wondering if there are other interests to work with.

    A few possibilities:

    - Devil's Tower in Wyo.
    - Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody.
    - Lake Tahoe is stunning and I bet at least parts of the Rubicon Trail around it are wheelchair accessible.
    - At Yosemite, you'll be there during a very busy season (probably July by the time you get there?), but if you want to avoid some of the crowds, check out the Hetch Hetchy area and Tuolumne Meadows.
    - Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are pretty cool -- some great drives and some (accessible) ridiculously sized trees.
    - From Grand Canyon, you might want to consider going northeast toward the Four Corners so you can check out Monument Valley, Mesa Verde (in Colorado), and Chaco Culture (in N.M.). (FWIW, I think you have to climb ladders to see the good parts of Mesa Verde, but the highlights at Chaco Culture should all be accessible).
    - If you do that, you can also go by way of Santa Fe -- it's a very cool, old, western, artistic town (with a huge homeless population, sure).
    - If you take I-25 out of ABQ, you can then cut over on Hwy 70 and see White Sands NM -- really stark and beautiful (this would also set you up nicely to pick up some jalapeno burgers at Buckhorn Tavern along the way).
    - And then, unless you're set on Lubbock and Amarillo, you might consider dipping down a little further into Texas so you can see some of the more picturesque parts -- Big Bend NP, Pedernales Falls, Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg, San Antonio.



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    Hey thanks for information, I was going to ask about some good eats places ! and I had just looked up information on White Sands NM,a friend had told me about today.

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    Hi everyone,
    Just in case I 40 is not open, would it be better to go to Columbia SC over to Asheville or
    AAA said to go down to Atlanta then up to Nashville. Which is the best way to go if I 40 isn’t open? We will go I 40 if we can. But it seems like its way out of the way to go to Atlanta. We want the shortest route. Also does anyone know of any great food stops along the way? I saw something on the Food network about Nashville but it was a while ago and I can’ find out about now the boys love anything to do with fire trucks and stations the also love animals we are planning to take in some zoos. We can’t do a lot of walking unfortunately. The boys love cowboys hope to see some, and they love animals so we will take in some zoos. Near Amarillo there is suppose to be Palo Duro Canyon and it’s supposed to be a pretty as the Grand Canyon. In LA we want to see Pages Museum. We have been told that it’s great. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Asheville is east of the rockslide, so I'm not sure what you hope to gain by going there or why you would go to Columbia first to get there.

    In any case, I think Atlanta is going to be the fastest route and the shortest option, other than crawling on 2 lane mountain roads.

    We've got an entire discussion about the I-40 closure (and a couple other detour routes that are also closed) that you should really check out.

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