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    Large group of friends planning a unforgettable roadtrip. We would like to travel hwy 1 from seattle to somewhere in california.

    Were looking for sunsets, great night life, amazing food, and fun activities. We'd love to camp on the beach for a night or so too.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Do you have any specific questions about this route? From Seattle to Leggett CA it's US-101, then you can pick up CA-1 to San Francisco and points south. Sunsets? The sun will be setting over the ocean all the way down. Night life? That's pretty much going to be confined to the larger cities such as San Francisco, but you never know what you might find in the smaller coast towns. Amazing food? Shouldn't be hard to find. Fun activities? Depends on your definition of "fun". Camping on the beach should be possible in state parks, research those online. I'd make sure you have at least 3 season gear.

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    I have a little bit of experience with this route in Oregon and Northern California at least.

    The most memorable place I've been was Redwood National Park. Also adjoining it is Jedediah Smith State Park -- this park is a little less traveled. Try to take the drive down Howland Hills Road through the State Park. I found it awe inspiring and my favorite big tree experience.

    There are sand dunes near Florence, which are neat to look at. I went four-wheeling on them, which was fun. The very southern part of the Oregon coast is a really awesome stretch of road.

    Tillamook which is about half way down the Oregon coast is famous for its cheese. There are also famous golf courses in Bandon, OR, if that is something that interests you.

    I've never been there, but I've heard that Arcata is a nice town. If you go all the way to San Francisco, you can hit places like Bodega Bay, Point Reyes and Muir Woods.

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