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    I need to drive my senior mother and her dogs from Indy to Charlotte, NC. The problem is that she has panic attacks even sitting as a passenger during a mountain drive. Does anyone know of a route that could help me avoid the mountains as much as possible. I am willing to take a few detours of course!


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    The Appalachian Mountains form a barrier straight across your path, so you do have a problem. Assuming that going all the way around them down through Nashville and Birmingham and then back up through Atlanta is out of the question, and that using I-77 through West Virginia is too mountainous (though very scenic), then the best option Knoxville and then take I-81 north(east) to Wytheville, VA to get on I-77 south to Charlotte. That's as flat a route as there is while adding 'only' a hundred miles to your trip. That hundred miles, however, will take 'this drive out of the realm of what's possible in a day and require that you spend the night somewhere en route.


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    Hello tinydancer,

    I'm not trying to be glib, but in all honesty, there are surely ranges of emotions which tie back to ranges of hills, foothills, and harder-core mountains.

    AZ Buck's route is nice as far as avoiding some of the more notable "drop-off" type views from the passenger side window, but one must wonder just how difficult the segment right at the VA-NC state line on I-77 might be for Mom. On a clear day, you can see foothill ranges and the Piedmont some 50 miles away from where I-77 drops down the face of the Blue Ridge into the Piedmont. This stretch is around 10 miles long. As you approach that section, there are a few long, steep hills and one high bridge over the New River. North of Knoxville, you cross the Cumberland Plateau/Valley and Ridge boundary at an area with some long views, drop-offs, and notable rock outcrops which look a lot like mountains.

    East of Knoxville, if you were to follow the I-81 to I-26 detour around the section of I-40 which has been closed by a rockslide since October (and is expected to remain closed for around 6 more weeks from the present), you'd climb gently out of the Valley and Ridge into the Blue Ridge at Sam's Gap and would have a fairly gentle drive on down I-26 to Asheville. From Asheville it would be east on I-40 with the only truly mountainous stretch being Old Fort Mountain, where again the views are long and the curves are many, but only for around 5 miles.

    This is a difficult assignment. Only you and your Mom can really tell to what degree she might be uncomfortable on one route or another.


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