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    I have made a decision, that I want to go on a road trip of America. The problem is sorting out a route. My time scale is roughly 3 months although this could be longer or a little bit shorter. Places I want to see; California, Phoenix and Texas. If you have any suggestions on routes or anything please let me know thank you :)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 3 months you could do a circuit of the country or concentrate your time in a smaller area as you have mentioned above [I presume by Phoenix you mean Arizona as a whole] but what ever you decide there are just to many options to start throwing ideas out there so you will need to work on your route. Knowing nothing of your interests, budget, type of lodgings [camping] etc doesn't make it any easier.

    Get a good map of the USA and start studying it and look for places that appeal to you, the things that made you decide you want to see CA, AZ and TX for instance and start putting some dots on the map. Use the RTA pages as a research centre, you will find everything you need to know throughout the different sections and you can use the search function [top right of page] to get detailed info on places that grab your attention, maybe it's the Grand canyon, maybe Las Vegas, perhaps both !

    When you have worked your way through this process and new questions arise just ask and we can help but for now you need to do some of the "home work" to get started.

    Enjoy the planning, it's a big part of the adventure as a whole journey !

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