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    Hello! My husband and I are moving out to San Francisco in April and will be driving from Toronto. We are not entirely sure the best route to take. We essentially have an unlimited amount of time to get there (though we would like to be able to make the trip in a week or less), and are interested in seeing some sights on the drive. Some potential cities of interest are Denver, CO, and Salt Lake City, UT, but we're quite flexible. We don't want to do much more than 9 hours of driving a day, and we also want to make sure we're staying in safe cities/hotels as we'll have a car packed with all of our things! Are there any suggestions for a good route to take, good cities to stay overnight in, etc? Also, I'm unsure as to whether we should book our hotels ahead of time or not....

    Any suggestions are greatly welcomed!


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is no one "best route" anywhere as we are all different in the things that interest us. I 80 looks to be the quickest and would seem ideal as it goes through SLC and is a short detour to Denver. Travelling 9 hours a day with short stops would equate to 5 days of travel, so with a week you would have a couple to "play" with.

    I think you will find that most places are safe as long as you use your "built in radar" as you do at home and avoid places that somehow don't feel right, after all each one is somebody's home town. Whether to pre book or just 2wing" it is a personal choice, one gives you the security of knowing where you are staying the other the freedom to travel a little less or a little further than planned. With possessions in the car it would be handy to find places with secure parking if possible but I would try not to leave items on display and any valuables take in with you where possible.

    For plotting purposes you should be able to cover in the region of 500 miles each 9 hours without sight seeing so that will help to locate possible stopovers. From Denver you could continue on I 70 and possibly visit some of Colorado and Utah's natural beauty such as the Colorado NM at Grand junction and Arches NP near the lively town of Moab.

    Have a look around the RTA pages for a little inspiration with a good map to hand and see what appeals to you.

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    Thanks so much - this is incredibly helpful.

    One other thought - we are leaving next week (April 15) - is there any reason that we need to be worried about bad weather? I've read a lot about needing chains for the area surrounding Lake Tahoe (which we were thinking of traveling through on our last day), but now I'm worried that we could get caught on bad roads (and we don't have chains). Also, are there other roads (or areas along the I-80) that tend to be "dangerous", (i.e., around mountainous regions with poor road conditions, etc)?

    Thanks :)

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    I HIGHLY doubt that you would need chains on I-80 this late in the season, and the odds are greatly in your favor that you will have clear roads all around Tahoe.

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