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    Default I'm planning a trip from Raleigh NC to Boston on the 26th

    Any suggestions to make this trip memorable, and safe? We will be taking 95 North.

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    Default Basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This site is filled with ideas to have a memorable trip, but I'd say of all of those, this article sums things up best.

    Staying safe on the road really just requires some common sense. Don't try to drive more miles than your body can safely handle, drive defensively when you are on the road, etc.

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    Default What I'd do

    Hello neighbor,

    Around 3 years ago, we drove from here in Raleigh to Kingston, NY. Since I absolutely abhor urban area traffic along I-95, and since our travel plans would have placed us in northern NJ during a weekday afternoon rush hour as we headed for and up the NY State Thruway, I executed a "left hook", as follows:

    US 1 to Henderson, I-85 to Petersburg, VA, I-95 to just beyond Fredericksburg, US 17 to Warrenton, US 29/15 to just north of Warrenton, US 15 to Harrisburg, PA, I-81 to Scranton, then I-84 to Newburgh, NY and the Thruway. I recall plotting out something like a 75 mile additional distance vs what would have been the case along I-95 all the way. Since I-84 traverses a bit more of NY, all of CT, and some of MA before truncating at the Mass TPK near Sturbridge, your additional distance could be somewhat greater or lesser than mine.

    What I do know for certain is that avoiding all of the DC-Baltimore-Philly-NJ-NYC area traffic, congestion, and tolls made my "left hook" memorable, safe, cheaper, and bearable. I likely did not lose any time, as we were able to run 75-80 mph all the way from Frederick, MD to NY, and surely parts of the slog out of the NYC area during rush hour would have been very slow going.

    There's a fairly short area of stoplights along US 29/15 north of Warrenton, and US 15 actually goes down to 2 lanes through a short segment of northern VA just before crossing the Potomac at Point of Rocks, but those are the only bottlenecks we found.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip.


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    I'd plan your route very carefully. You are going to be traveling on a Friday, and afternoon rush hour all up and down the I-95 corridor can be brutal. I hope you aren't going to try to do this in 1 day - it's 700 miles and with the congestion, you could be looking at about a 16 hour drive.

    I'd honestly recommend you take an alternate route and spend Friday night on the road. It should take you about 5 hours to get to DC (you will need to leave Raleigh no later than about 8am) - then I'd take the Beltway around the west side and pick up 270/70 to I-81. Take 81 to I-84 to I-90. Once you get past DC on this routing, the Friday afternoon traffic won't be bad at all in comparison to slogging through Baltimore and up through NYC. Yes, this adds about 100 miles to the trip, but it will be a lot less stressful.

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