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    I have a week off and would like to take a road trip for mass to georgia. I need advise on places to see along the way and things to do in georgia. I dont want to include DC in the intineary. Any advise would be appreciated

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    If this is to be a round trip, you'll have the minimal amount of time for a great RoadTrip. It's a two day drive down and two days back just for the driving. But there are plenty of stops on two separate routes between Massachusetts and Georgia. More specific help would require quite a bit more knowledge about your plans and interests.


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    Default Where in Georgia?

    As an added question, whereabouts in Georgia are you planning to go - and do you have anything in specific in mind once you arrive there? For instance - what is it about Georgia that attracted you to it in the first place? Or are you just picking that as a random destination and hoping for the best along the way (a perfectly valid form of roadtrip, in my opinion)?

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    If you want to avoid DC altogether by not using 95 you are going to have to go out west to Harrisburg, PA and hit 81 south until you reach southwest virginia. then get on 77 south to charlotte than 85 southwest into georgia to the atlanta region and then go from there to wherever you were planning.

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